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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Revenu Québec is still on the back of the Dividend Girl

At now less than $6 per share, Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) now trade among its lowest ever. But despite it all, my non-registered portfolio is at $133 700. I kind of have no choice to put in more money into my non-registered account to stabilize the value of my margin. In two weeks from now, my next investment will be a $1 500 in The North West Company Inc. (NWC).

Currently, I am waiting for JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) to pop back to $12.55 per share to sell for $514.55 in units of JFS.UN. A $500 is not that much money knowing everything I want. I would like to put money aside to move in another apartment and for a few furniture... And I would like to put money aside for my vacations. So see, $500 won't be enough. And with JE going down, I need to be careful with my money to keep my portfolio on track.

I sometime think of getting a part-time job but I am too weak, I adore my free-time, especially when I am on the mountain of Mont-Royal watching hot guys doing their jogging. Ant-Quebec, but maybe not anti-Quebec males if you see what I mean.

I have received a letter from Revenu Québec saying that I didn't do my tax declaration in 2011.... Dear Dividend Girl Readers, you know that right, I was in New Brunswick in 2011! WTF Revenu Québec, eat your own caca please.


Liquid said...

That's so stupid how Quebec has its own income tax that they make people do. You weren't even in QC at the time lol.

Anonymous said...

whatever, I don't think you need to put more money in your account. you should dump just energy, it's a piece of garbage

Arun said...

I didn't know until today that QC has its own income tax unit called 'Revenu Quebec'. The province has everything they need for a country and it looks like they are a separate country.

Anonymous said...

Buy high, sell low, ignore dividend income. That's the way I do it?

Dividend Income Stocks said...

I live in Montreal as well.

Sunny said...

Quebec province is poorly managed and the role of Revenu Quebec is to suck on the money - anywhere they can. That's why I received such letter, hoping that I didn't do my tax declaration in 2011...

It make me laugh.

This is just another demonstration of Quebeckers low, very low level of judgement. A bunch of asholes money suckers who cannot handle their own finance.

DivHut said...

Seeing all the stuff you have to deal with in Quebec makes me feel happy about the "stuff" we have to deal with in the USA. Government is government no matter where you live.


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