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Thursday, May 7, 2015

A good reason not to vote for Stephen Harper and his blue clowns: Omar Khadr persecution

I never been able to understand clearly what had happened to Omar Khadr. I read the big lines of the story, but I never understood how a child soldier could had been put away for so long and the most disturbing thing: how and why was Omar Khadr put in prison for so long. But today, everything been clear up and Omar was released, under strict conditions, but release, at least. And during all that time, Stephen Harper and his bunch of blue clowns had publicly fight against the liberation of Omar Khadr. And its specifically why I won't be voting for Stephen Harper at the next federal elections. Just like at the last elections, I will vote for NPD. 

Was it already 4 years ago - I don't know - but at the last federal elections, I also vote for NPD. At that time, my vote was a strategic vote to quick out Duceppe and his Bloc whatever Quebecois. And this time, my vote will be a politic vote. I have enough of Stephen Harper. He's too arrogant and doesn't have strong community values.

I hope Canadians will wake up. Its the only way to give to this country another turn, another strong leadership, a government that will act with dignity on behalf and for its citizens.

Omar Khadr now live with his lawyer and its been said at the news that he'd pass 13 years away. I never understood how a child soldier could had spent so many years away in prison, and I don't have anything left for Stephen Harper and his Tories.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. He spent so many years because he threw a grenade that killed a US soldier. He deserves to be behind bars for life.

The rest of the federal leaders are inept. Mulclair was try not to smile at the camera during his Oct/22 address.

At least Harper has done enough for people who want to help themselves. NDP is an odd choice.. The NDP will kill your TFSA increase. Taxing business, the ones that actually create jobs and stimulates the economy is a mistake. Not all comapies are full of fat cat explotive suits.

My vote will go to the party that let's me keep the most of the money I earned and let's me decide what to do with it. Hippy Libs and communist NDPers think you're not smart enough to handle your own money.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100 % with your comment on
Omar Khadr ,a 15 year old child sol
dier ,confessions were obtained und
er torture etc .shame on harper and
his retards , i will definitely not
vote for him ,but vote for the
ndp , or justin trudeau ,tough choice .


Anonymous said...

Khadr is a traitor to his country (Canada) since he was actively waging war against the coalition.

Harper has nothing to do with how long this traitor has been in jail. This was a US decision.

The only reason he is even free today is because his lawyer transferred him to Canada. Otherwise he would still be in Guantanamo.

As for voting NDP. Doesn't really add up with you hoping to join the investors class.

Maybe you should stay away from giving your opinion on things that you don't understand.

But I guess, that would make your posts pretty sparse and infrequent.


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