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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Alex Colville, a Maritime proud is exposed at the National Gallery of Canada

We are now in May. Its unbelievable, but we are in May. And in May, we'll be celebrating an holiday: the birthday of the Queen! The timing is perfect. I haven't go to Ottawa in a while. There's something exceptional going on in Ottawa right now. There's always great art show at the National Gallery of Canada, but this time, you'll all going to be very excited as a true Maritime jewel is being exposed. He wasn't born in Nova Scotia, but did his studies in New Brunswick and spent most of his life in Nova Scotia.

Prepare to discover the enigmatic world of one the most marvelous Canadian painter: Alex Colville. His painting style is very unique, minimalist, pure. And his mise en scènes are totally mysterious, extraordinary, with a lot of character and greatly inspired by the Maritime. We had inspired a very great painter. On the art scene, there's no one like Alex Colville. You can only dream of being Mr. Colville. One of a few genius of art that died just a few years ago, at a venerable age, but couldn't be possible to push away the death arrow for the ones like that. I adore Alex Colville. So you'll understand that I am very excited. I am very curious about the exhibition and cannot wait to see it. This is going to be fun!

The great thing is that Ottawa its only at 2 hours away from Montreal. No need to spend money on an hotel room (budget stretching still on no matter what, you are going to understand why soon).

If my calculations are correct, my net worth is probably around $143 000 right now. So close to the 150k! I am really not missing much at all. I used to read a blog name Fabulously Broke. I do still read from time to time but it is not as much interesting as she doesn't personally write on her blog anymore. And she's not a fanatic of the stock market. She had 155k in net worth, 4 years ago. She was a consulting - so making way much money than be, but I am following. Its just all very logical. 50k, 100k, and after 150k, and 200k, 250k, 300k... I am lucky, I may be able to reach the $200 000 net work by the time I am 40, and even maybe 250k. I don't know how much can cost a painting of Alex Colville, but it must be pretty expensive.

Very recently, Lou Schizas had reviewed a stock on which I made a small fortune on. They're some stocks like that who are the rock on my portfolio, stocks that I bought at cheap price, but became massive! And years ago, under the suggestion of Jean-François Tardif who had gave a positive BUY for this baby, I had invested in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). Jean-François won an investing price from the Globe and Mail for that pick. When you really think about it, the goof pick, the best decisions had the power to make you a millionaire! I am smart enough to follow Tardif in his every moves and it only paid off so far. Lou review of PBH is pretty much all positive. I don't believe in any downturn anytime soon for PBH but my impulse is sometime wrong. In his next article, Lou is going to review another stock that I hold, another Maritime proud: The North West Company Inc. (NWC).

Other than that, beautiful day in Montreal, got to get ready and go outside.

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