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Saturday, May 9, 2015

RBC Royal Bank: stay away from these idiots

A few days ago, I received a call from an RBC Royal Bank representative. It was regarding that letter I received from them, saying that they wanted to review my account with them. Three years ago, RBC decided - over no reason - to increase the interest rate on my credit lines. At that time, I had a small balance on the credit line. Bank of Canada did not increase its prime rate in the past probably 5 years if not more. But no matter what, RBC Royal Bank came with that idea to increase the interest rate on my credit line, and that being for no reason at all. I was always paying the credit line on time. 

Also at the time, I had several thousands invested in different RBC mutual funds. So why in the world RBC target me for an increased of a credit line that I had been holding for several years now? I try to get that decision reversed. I visit my RBC Royal Bank, I call RBC, but nothing move in my favor.

Oh yeah? Really? Treating my like a shit slave did not serve any of RBC Royal Bank interests because I had decided to stop using my RBC credit line - I pay it off as quickly as possible. As for the mutual funds invested, I sold them and got the money transferred at TD Waterhouse. That was my answer to RBC Royal Bank. You don't need to treat like shit an honest worker for no reason at all. Especially knowing that there's been no increase to the prime rate. This was only made so that their CEO can touch his millions in annual salary.

I was very very upset to received a call from RBC representative asking me to review my assets with them. I didn't close the credit line neither the credit card that I hold with them because that would had affected in a bad way my credit score. So I kept everything open, but don't ever expect me as a RBC Royal Bank customer EVER never again for the rest of my living life. There you go sexy bitch!

Its really important to fight on until your last breath and no let anyone take out your dignity. In other words, do it like a Dividend Girl and FIGHT on.


Fellow Canadian in Vancouver said...

Way to go Dividend Girl! Just discovered your blog and I like it a lot. Glad you showed the bank that they can't push you around. We customers need to stand up against poor treatment and greed from the banks.

Cntrysky said...

Stick it to the man!

Anonymous said...

closing the line of credit or credit card doesn't affect your credit score

Cntrysky said...

I don't know about the line of credit but closing a credit card account does ding you on your credit score. It lowers your available credit vs your overall debt.


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