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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Life is really only about money

I guess you all wonder what meant the allusion to "Redwood City" in that post. I had been approached by an organization located in Redwood City. Someone from their social media team approached me, asking a few questions, which result in that post. And following what, the representative came back to me asking to add a link in my post to their free online calculator. I explain I could do so with a monetary compensation, but no cash had been offered. Sorry, but I don't sell myself for free. 

Fact is, the world of personal finance is a super HUGE business and its good business niche. Its not for nothing that a guy behind PayPal is the CEO of that X organization that I won't ever publicize for free on this blog because on my blog, I am the only star.

The TSX is doing doing very well lately and in result, I had lost a few thousands in value.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of Silicon Valley. They expect to get everything for free and then use it to make millions for themselves.

Good call on refusing their BS offer.

Sunny said...

Fact is, that BS Silicon Valley company is looking to gain in Internet value. When an exterior site point to their Web site, it help them to gain in Google rank. Its a marketing strategy to gain in exposition. And the worst of all, they want all of that publicity for FREE!!!

Oh the damn fuckers, they can go to hell.


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