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Monday, July 6, 2015

Greece acting like gansters crew. The no to the referendum: revolutionary or a dumb show?

I didn't post anything in quite sometime, I had been busy, got a few vacation days and now I am getting back to the usual. I had been away, but I kept an eyes on what was going on. It was with no surprise that I learn that the No had won the referendum in Greece. Its a poor country and its residents are desperately trying to the get out of hell. Imagine having to live with the fear of not being able to access to your very own money. Not to be able to withdraw money without having to face long waiting lines and, even worst - having to face the lack of available cash.

Greece debt shouldn't be erase, but I hope the Euro zone will take in consideration all of the craziness that those people have to endure. There's no way out, but a long term solution need to be taking and Greece need to make commitments and have an in deep control of their finances.

With all that activity, my non-registered portfolio is down to $128 365.67 - far from the old 135 something... I really hate it when the stock market get so volatile. There's just no way out and there' seem to be no proper way to do things, no investment seem to be stable and strong enough to face the eventuality of a stock market crash.

The strangest thing ever is to actually have money, but the problem is: in what to invest in, is now a good time to buy? At this point, in the hot summer heat, after a cold winter, I do not really care and the strangest thing ever is actually not doing nothing with my money, for the really first time of my life. Like a big f off to the whole universe.


Anonymous said...

Hey dividend girl! Montrealer here too! Happy I found your blog, I'm very big in dividend investing myself. I like SOT.UN and DRG.UN a lot right now. Wish I could have a chat with you :)

Tony @ Stock Market Valuation said...

I think it was a bad decision to hold the referendum. It looks like the Germans don't care any more and are pushing the Greeks to default.


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