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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello again New Brunswick?

For some reasons, I now had become a Quebecker. I had switched my New Brunswick medical card and driver license to a Quebec one. While living in Quebec province, its just a matter of formality, but I had to do the switch. Strangely, now that I did, my mom find a job posting for something in my area. Cool, but I will have to move again, and buy a car... And the job is located in a very small place, close to nothing. So I just wonder what to do in the present time, but the answer quietly present by itself. 

My Montreal job is not a fun one. I don't get any kind of recognition, I am not very much respected there. So yeah baby, if I have a chance to leave Quebec behind trust me, I will do so. I hate Quebeckers from the bottom of my heart. I hate Quebec province, but I like Montreal. But only the city.

Going through some very rough stock market conditions - while a lot of volatility is in the air and everything seem to dominated by stress and bad news - that make it the very perfect time to check out my investment portfolio very closely. Greece is on good track to resolve their problems, but its not at all anytime soon that the problem with fade away. Greece Prime Minister seems to be a bit too much revolutionary for my taste and unconscious, but it seem like he's doing what the international authorities are expected from his country.

This past Friday, when I saw that the TSX had lost closed to 100 points, I was desperate, I didn't want to face a non-registered portfolio down under $130 000. But nope, surprise, my non-registered portfolio closed to $131 266.03. I am slowly getting back on track. And I can afford to move in the middle of no where and I can afford to buy a car. F Quebec.


Anonymous said...

I don´t believe that you´ll stay long back in New Brunswick. By autumn next year you´ll be back in Montreal. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know you hate Quebec. There are more opportunities in Montreal though. If you get that job, what would happen if you lose that job by layoff or business closure? You would have to move again for work.

Would it be worth it? In Montreal, if you lose your current job then you can get another one rather quick.

Most people do not get respected in their jobs. Employees are an expensive to a company, so when times are tough they have no problem laying off workers including the ones they praise.

Think about it. If you do not like Quebec, you ever consider Ottawa?


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