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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Secret pictures of New Brunswick Prime Minister Brian Gallant

I was away in New Brunswick for a few vacation days, living the life I should always have. During that time, it seem I didn't miss anything spectacular on the market, because barely nothing new happen. I had heard way before now Puerto Rico financial problem. I was expecting a dead low market. In result of all this, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $127 303. 

Now that the good summer days are almost gone, I am trying to set myself back to my old, very old saving habits. I just paid a $1 104 balance on my BMO MasterCard. I guess I have no needs to say that I am going to be very careful with my money for what it is left of 2015. I will try to save a $7 000. Its possible, but only if I cut off my spending. And this mean no more cool manicures and pedicures. I also need to save money for a trip my mom want to make this winter. 

Changing my habits a bit won't hurt. I didn't invest in quite sometime and its because I don't have anything much left after paying everything. I had been a very bad girl.

Now, the moment you all waited for. New Brunswick Prime Minister Brian Gallant came to town while I was there, and of course, I took some pictures. TADAM. Brian Gallant secret pictures reveal.

Ahhhh! TOO CUTE. Viva Liberal.

I also got my very own picture with me, but sorry folks, you won't see that one here. Because I am secret.

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