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Monday, October 19, 2015

Bye bye Stephen Harper! And hello... Justin Trudeau?!?!!

I went to vote this evening and I discovered something - I am no longer in Laurier-Sainte-Marie, so I didn't have the opportunity to vote for Hélène Laverdière. However, I vote for Tom Muclair. And he win in Outremont, with the help of my vote.

Middle class across the country massively vote for Justin Trudeau. anything would be better than Stephen Harper, but I don't like Justin Trudeau. Now that Trudeau had been elected, everyone will be waiting for their paycheck. He's not disciplines and strong enough. When he talked, he's always all over the place and he don't really know what he's doing. His counselors are putting words into his mouths. He learned the words, but what will happen now that my worst fear had become Prime Minister of Canada? We didn't need a Quebecker as Prime Minister of this country, its sooo UGLY. 

I never been a fan of Justin Trudeau. The guy is a dumb gummy.

Like expected, the sweet Hélène Laverdière kick off Gilles Duceppe out to the woods! I like that bitch. Her only fault is to be what she never asked to be - a Quebecker.


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Anonymous said...

I see comments everywhere that we're in for 4 years of Justin. I don't think so - unless he screws up really badly, he'll be with us for 10 years.

Canadians are a patient lot and too willing to let things go. But when they do change their minds - it's huge, fast, and no messing around, eh?


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