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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Derek Foster is voting for Stephen Harper. Really?

Tomorrow is a big day, its elections day in Canada. And since I am located in Laurier-Sainte-Marie district, I will be voting for Hélène Laverdière of the NDP - New Democratic Party. For the second time in history, I am pretty sure that Gilles Duceppe will be defeat, one more time baby. Go go go Hélène Laverdière! Yeah! This is exciting. I adore Hélène Laverdière.

On another note, someone that I really like decide to vote... for Stephen Harper! Nooo! This is a real nightmare. My Derek Foster is voting for Stephen Harper! NOOOO! I couldn't believe. Its in his latest newsletter that Derek Foster announced that he was going to vote for Harper. His reasons for voting for Stephen Harper appear to be strictly for monetary reasons. And a vote should never be only about money. How in the world can anyone ever vote for Stephen Harper?

The only reason why Derek Foster is voting for Stephen Harper is that we want to see the annual $10 000 contribution to the TFSA being maintain. But that's not a good reason to vote for Stephen Harper. I haven't been able so far to maximize my own TFSA contribution. $10 000 is a lot of money. $5 500 is a more realistic amount for the middle class.

Stephen Harper is not the Prime Minister that Canada need. We need someone more like Tom Muclair who is showing more positiveness and who actually care for Canadians. Stephen Harper haven't been there for Omar Khadr. Stephan Harper closed our door to Syrian immigrates. And there's so many other things that went wrong with Harper. Its almost like we a ghost of our own self. We are not a strong and brave country anymore. Like Derek Foster, the Canadian mass is impotent.

You can vote to whatever candidate you want but at least make me proud and go sign online the petition to free Omar Khadr.


Anonymous said...

I voted NDP too

Anonymous said...

You are so funny, Sunny:)
-but I won't be laughing if the Dippers win.
-o my gawd, that would be horrible.
-however, Canada and Mexico have proven that we're survivors and can handle anything; just look at the neighbour we've had to live with all this time!


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