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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sign Working Canadians petition to keep the TFSA contribution limit to $10 000

Liberals of Justin Trudeau had won the majority and unfortunately for investors, the Liberal party is looking forward to decrease TFSA annual contribution to $5 500, which is very sad. A $10 000 annual contribution is very perfect. It leave plenty of room for saving. Saving grow tax free and best thing of all, if a back luck happen, you lose your job or you just need money to cover whatever purpose, you can withdraw any amount wanted without facing any penalties.

Is not the case with RRSP and its the main reason why I stop adding money to my RRSP. I need money now. When I will be old and grey, I don't care. I will eat in the garbage if I don't have any money left! No one should ever care about senior days because when youth is all fade away and that you need to face lift just to look presentable, well, I guess that it just not a life. It is certainly not the type of older days I want. Money need to be enjoy and invest now.

Sorry for all the seniors who might be reading. But no worries, plastic surgery DO exist.

On a more serious note.

In order to keep all the privileges associated with the TFSA, especially its generous $10 000 annual contribution, we all need to act and act now mean to do like I did and sign the Working Canadians petition

Act now before its too late.

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