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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Varadero Club Karey for as low as $529 with Air Transat: is there a catch?

The stock market keep going ugly and uglier each day! My non-registered portfolio closed today session at... are you ready... a super low $116 973.90. For once, I will be happy when my portfolio will be back again at $120k... 116k is my new low. Its certainly not a good time to be an investor, but its a good time to go to Varadero, Cuba with Air Transat!  I have a fun time checking on all included resort. Some trips are really cheap... but hotel review are really bad. If you are adventurous, you can always go to Club Karey located in Varadero, a 3 stars resort. Air Transat currently offers 7 nights, all included to Club Karey for only $529... One reviewer had described Club Karey as a Al Capone resort... But there are also good reviews. From what I saw, Club Karey in Varadero is a big no-no. I don't even understand why Air Transat is offering such a disgusting resort option to its clientele.

If you shop around for trips, always add $100 on top of the trip fee - it will give you an idea of how much it will cost. You cannot entered Cuba without showing a proof that you have health insurance. I am keeping a look at the reviews online for the resort I book. I saw one bad review, but some others are really good so I no longer know what to think! It will be a surprise! A f amazing surprise LOL.

In times like these, its better to stay away off the market, completely off, and stay away from any laptop, computer, tablet or cell phone. Cuba is the perfect place to be, its almost impossible to place trades from there, as Internet connection appeared to be slow and access very limited. Can you truly imagine living in a place where WiFi is not available????

I continue my preparation for my trip. I stop by an Exchange Currency spot, but there, I learn that Cuba pesos is a restricted currency and that it can only be purchased at Cuba. I wanted to have a few 1 pesos because I read that its impossible to get small dollar bills at the hotel. Don't expect me to tip $5 each time. I am losing money like crazy right now, I am poor too! Isn't a good excuse not to give any money tips? I won't be making any friends in Cuba, that's for sure! Cheap cheap poor Canadian tourists. I plan to bring a couple of things for the room maids and leave a little something on the bed each day. But don't expect much coming from a broke Dividend Girl!!! 

In the meantime, I am watching closely my expenses. I spent a bit more than $1 000 on my Cuba trip, insurances included. My mom left me with many frozen stuff - she had cook many things while I left her alone during the day - because I was at work. In result, I have all my lunches for next week done and best of all, I still have some groceries left. I will try to spend not more than $300 for what we have left of January. My expenses in December went up quickly, with Christmas gifts, bus ticket to New Brunswick, and the week with my mother in Montreal...

Money is flying away these days and the stock market is not helping me in any ways.


Anonymous said...

Hola Sunny!
Bring some US$ for tips -that is actually the preferred currency. You can get singles at the bank . You will be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

Hi DG, I went to Varadero last year. Here are few suggestions:

1. Never, ever book hotel which is less than 4.5 star, otherwise, the rooms will be nasty and food will be useless

2. Book only all inclusive (don't even think eating outside)

3. eat well cooked meals only

4. Drink water bottles

5. Don't add ice cubes for your drinks (ice cubes made from tap water)

6. If you are planning to go outside, go with resort people

7. go with lots of Canadian $1 coins ($1 would be good), no need to exchange their currency

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that all resort reviews online are based on that country's rating. A 5 star hotel in Cuba is really 3.5 in Canada (I live in Toronto, Ontario). Don't get me wrong, I love Cuba and been to Varadero multiple times. I highly recommend Iberostar Varadero or Melia Las Americas. They are a little more expensive, the higher price is worth it.

In terms of money they have 2 currencies: regular pesos, which you cannot obtain or use and convertible peso (also known as CUC) which are the ones tourists can use. 1 CUC = $1 US (approximately sometimes it's $1.08 US) and you thought the stock market was a rip off? LOL


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