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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to deal with yourself when the stock market becomes frightening: investors don't panic

These days, the stock market is a rough place to be. My non-registered portfolio closed the session at $117 577.57. Its better than the 116k I was on not too long ago. During those hard time, its important to stay a bit detach. Of course, we all follow our stock, but it shouldn't be of a great concern when the markets are down. Its not anytime soon that the markets are going to recover. I never saw such terrible financial conditions since I started investing. Its frightening and its ugly.

While dealing with problems that never seem to come to an end, its important to stay focus on other things, if not, its going to be ugly. We all take at heart our finance, but there's when nothing much can be done. As for myself, I decided to let it go. I let my portfolio take whatever direction it want. Despite my detachment, I can feel your pain, I can feel my pain. And its quite of a maybe too hard symbolic to learn that someone like David Bowie died recently. He must have been a good fellow. What a voice and what an enigmatic star.

Now is the perfect time to invest your time and energy in all kind of activities. Now more than ever, its a good time to do it like a Dividend Girl:

-plan a cheap trip (like in Cuba, like I am doing now).
-do an in deep cleaning of your house/apartment (I did so the weekend ago).
-sort your clothes and give away things you don't wear anymore (done!) 
-registered to a gym and train (I registered this evening after work to Econofitness, tomorrow will be my first ever gym session!)
-read a good book
-start a blog (like me!)
 As you know, I book a week at a Varadero, Cuba resort and ever since, I am checking the reviews on TripAdvisor. Most of the reviews are good, but in the last one or two, its been said that some rooms got in fire following a storm and left tourists without electricity. True or not? Its barely possible to know. I gave a call to Air Transat, and from their ends, everything is ok with that resort... So I really don't know, but I am bringing a little flashlight with me in my backpack, who knows, I might need it. 

I have more than one month still left before leaving for Varadero, but I am already preparing my stuff. Once I will be back, you'll know where I had been. I will do a full completed post on my experience. Until that time, I am getting ready.

Regarding the currency, its better to bring in Canadian cash rather than US one. The money bills need to be in good shape - like new - so that way, they won't be refused. According to Air Transat, the best place to exchange the money is at the hotel (CADECA?), where they have a place there to exchange money - their rate is lower than the one at the airport - but that is difficult to know.

Yesterday evening, I was at the Trudeau airport - my brother was taking a plane to go to New Brunswick. As I left him so he could take his plane, I stopped by Currency Exchange ICE and just for fun, I asked about CUC Pesos. Its coming, soon they will offer it. The rate is $1.60 for 1 CUC - which is very expensive. Currently, $1,42 = 1 CUC.

That is for Cuba news for now.


Arun said...

TD bank gives you better exchange rate than "Currency exchage " places, but for Cuba you don't need to exchage to USD..

Ensure turn off your cellphone in Canada..

Have a great journey!

Mourad Fanoos said...

Have fun in Varadero dividend girl,i bet you won't miss Montreal weather!


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