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Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello, super sexy hot cool net worth of $156 327.28. That money is all MINE. YES SIR

On August 27, I will be TURNING 36, and things are looking good for the Dividend Girl to be sitting on a $160 000 net worth right in time for my 36 birthday. Do you understand the relationship between those 2 numbers?

I spent my Saturday in Ottawa, where I enjoy the Rideau Canal and the fabulous tulips. 

It cost me $83 for the bus tickets.
It was my first visit to Ottawa in a couple years and I found that the city had changed a bit. There's construction a bit everywhere. The Shaw Centre is very impressive. Despite its beauty, its nothing much than a conference center. I saw a couple of new condominiums downtown. The Rideau Centre is no longer the same. Sears is no longer there, they had a brand new store to replace it: Nordstrom.

No store is very pretty and appealing, but everything in there is VERY very expensive. I found that generally speaking, there's a lot of expensive stores now at the Rideau Centre. Like Tiffany, Michael Kors, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger. I personally never buy anything at those stores. Rideau Centre is now targeting a high class clientele.

While being at the Rideau Centre, I stop at LCBO liquor store and I bought two bottles: Peller Estates 2014 Vintage Chardonnay and Peller Estates French Cross Rosé, on which I got drunk on last night. I am now a shareholder of Andrew Peller Limited, so this was the occasion to get a taste of what Peller Estates offer. I don't drink that much, but when I began a bottle, I usually finish it on the same day - especially when its rosé. Fortunately, I didn't drink all of that Peller Estates French Cross Rosé I bought, I have some left for another happy time. Peller Rosé is very good. And best thing of all, its a Canadian Rosé! Make me proud Ontario readers and go boost Peller Estates sale at your local LCBO. Let's go baby and make me rich Andrew Peller!

$$$ ;-)

I didn't make extensive search, but I don't think that Peller Estates are available in Quebec province, unfortunately.

I had registered great grow in my portfolio. I am now at $221 514.63. I am getting closer to the $300 000. And when it will happen, sexy net worth will be at $234 812.37. I can only dream, but it wasn't that long ago that I was dreaming of my first $50 000 net worth... May the TSX be on my side and God with me so I can continue to make elegant investment moves and make money like water.


Unknown said...

Good for you!!

ThreeMillionDollarMission said...

Good work.
I enjoyed reading about some of the investment decisions you've made. Where's your Cineplex? Dividends wise I've been facing some challenges. I'm addicted! I'm working at making some structural changes to my Portfolio to diversify more out of Canada and move more into the U.S. but it's so hard with all these frothy Dividends around! Lots of cleaning up to do. Congrats on your efforts.
Check my Portfolio out at


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