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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Something new for my RRSP portfolio: Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (WB)

I still didn't take time to update my investment portfolio and dividend income, but I estimate my net worth to be at least at $157 000. Its still going all that way up.

I was quite shock to learn that Russia had approached Justin Trudeau office to help stop the wildfire in Alberta... Can't the US provide their help instead? It would be a real shame to have Russian people help us. Vladimir Poutine is only doing this to give himself some kind of a capital leadership kingdom, but shame of him. Poutine needs to stay away from Canada or our country will become as shitty as his. Will Trudeau make the right decision for once?

Its quite strange knowing all the trouble going on in one of the richest places of Canada. It have absolutely no impact what so ever on myself, and not even on the value of my investment portfolio. As the summer shyly arrived, I am working hard at the gym to get the hot body of a little mermaid. However, today was quite cold in Montreal and in some places, they are expecting snow... So its not anytime soon that I will be able to show it all outside.

My very last investment was made in Andrew Peller Ltd (ADW.B). I used to have my eyes on Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (WB) and a Globe and Mail article just made me rethink about that stock now. I have close to $500 in RRSP cash inside my broker account. That money came from dividend distribution that didn't roll over to generate new stocks. I am tempted to invest in WB.

I am very glad that my portfolio is doing well because if not, I will be crying right now. And I have no time for desperation. I am currently working more than full-time, and on top of that I worked out 8 to 10 hours at the gym and I try to go to bed early not to brake down. Life is good and easy when my portfolio is on the high.

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