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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fort McMurray devastation had no hard effect on the TSX, at least for now

What's going on in Fort McMurray right now seem to be so unreal. Its really sad that a place that been know for being a rich paradise for workers had turn into a fucking living hell. I am from New Brunswick and when you are from New Brunswick, you know for sure people how had been in Fort McMurray, made money and went back, or are currently living there. A lot of New Brunswickers went down West for jobs. And it was almost my case. While job searching many years ago, I was offered a secretary job in Alberta, in a real estate agency. I don't remember in which city it was. Anyway, I didn't go, and I don't have any regrets, especially now.

It seem like Fort McMurray sad events don't have any current effects over the TSX. I estimate my net worth to be of at least $156 000, which is strange, in many ways, because I am at my highest ever. Its not slowing down at work, I even have to do plenty of extra hours just to be able to make it. Seem to me like I will still be working full-time for at least the next 2 to 3 years ahead. I really need to be working full-time until I hit 40.
Its unfortunately in time like these that I congrad myself for not being a homeowner. When you get out of work and that your home is being destroyed, you can only rely on the money that you had put aside. Those who didn't made any savings are getting hurt very badly. They cannot fly away whenever its possible and relocated very easily. It doesn't worth it to have expensive furniture and have so many clothes that you don't have enough of a wardrobe to put all your stuff in. In modern days, less is more. Home and material things can be destroyed, but money and stocks remain yours, no matter what.

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