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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Deal or no NAFTA deal on the way

I cannot access to my broker account, but I just hope that my TFSA portfolio is still exceeding the 80k value. I can however give you my new annual dividend income (excluding RRSP) is now at a good $8 687.01

My first week as a 38 years old is about to be quite an important one, as a NAFTA deal might be on its way... Donald Trump need to come forward with a deal to impress American electors and show it off, and Canadians are in need of a NAFTA deal because we had now been waiting for a really long time.
In my case, and I hope you are all doing the same, I am extra careful at buying exclusively products that been manufactured or are being sell by a Canadian business. And its quite easy to buy product made in Canada, from toilet paper, soap, makeup, etc. Its now a necessity to buy Canadian. If we don't buy products made or own by a Canadian company, who will buy them? We should be the first buyers on top of the list. I will never buy milk made in the US. And I promise not to ever again buy any alcohol made in the USA, or to buy anything cultural coming from the USA. I also promise not to ever buy any makeup products made or coming from a US brand. Never ever again. This last one is a big commitment coming from me, but I am ready, as Donald Trump push it too hard and had been to mean to the good Canadians. Marcelle is a Canadian brand and I already use many of their products and I really like them. I also like Lise Watier eyeliner and palettes. And fact is, I already own many makeup products - no need to buy anything new for a little while...

For multiple reasons, this summer had been quite an expensive one. The one main reason being that this summer had been very hot, with many weeks of extreme weather. I had been living in Montreal for more than 10 years now and I never had suffered this much from heat waves. Usually, extreme weather last one, two-three days max in a row. But this summer was totally different. It make it difficult to fix any meal and to just do normal things. I sometimes bought 2-3 coffees just to stay awake. I also had two weeks vacation + one stay in Montreal Bonaventure Hotel. I had enjoyed myself, drank, eat out, did everything. I just came back this past Sunday from my last vacation. My next one will be in October, right on time for the hunting season, yes Sir.

During my last vacation week, I made another commitment to myself and that being to spend less. I mentally prepare quietly during that week and when I came back on Monday, I was in business. I was READY. It might sound like its nothing, but cutting living expenses the way I do it require a good spirit. And when I say cutting living expenses, its REALLY pushing it to the possible lowest, BUT while still keeping the essential on. This is what I am currently on:
-I can buy one coffee per day on weekdays, but not more than one.
-I bought the grocery I need for one week. Afterward, I can't buy any more food. And I cannot buy any alcohol (but I still have a bottle of Cuban Legendario left, thank God!). And I cannot eat out (!!!). 
-I cannot spend money other than on the real basic essentials.
-I cannot buy anymore makeup or hair products... (this is hard!). And I cannot buy clothes (this is medium hard).
-I cannot buy anything new for my apartment (and I had been looking at the new Ikea catalogue...) 

Its difficult, but its needed in my case and this is how I use to save money in my old days. I expect to save $1 600 per month this way, and this amount doesn't even include my dividend income, so why not. Its now my third day on this financial diet and so far, I had respected the plan and I am all proud of myself.

Your determination is the only took that will help save money among the way. I decided to give it this push for several reasons: to increase the amount of money save (I would like to permanently have a 5k in my saving account, at least), to maybe finally move and live in a bigger apartment, to place new investments and - maybe - lower the usage of my margin account.

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