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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Saudi Arabia taking back their dirty money off the TSX. No to Saudi Arabia

Each new day brings something different on the stock market, bad, good news, ups and downs. Yesterday wasn't especially a good day. But we learn why today: one investment firm from Saudi Arabia had massively sold its Canadian assets. Justin Trudeau is such a weak leader that he had come out to say that Saudi Arabia had made improvement in term of human rights... Can anyone name me those improvements? Women of Saudi Arabia can now drive a car. Should we get so easily impress? Saudi Arabia is a living hell for women. Justin Trudeau is a pitty and a shame for Canadians. I never hate a Canadian leader as much as Justin Trudeau. And I not a fan of Brian Mulroney. All of those Quebeckers are extremely incompetant. Never ever put your trust and confidence in a Quebecker. Justin Trudeau and Brian Mulroney are no exceptions to the rule. Jean-François Tardif and his badly manage JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is another example of bad Quebec leadership. How many do you need to understand my point? Just let me know.

In face of our newest ennemies, we need to remain strong. Its quite a wrong move of Brian Mulroney to openly give his opinion on NAFTA. The USA are watching our every moves. And Brian Mulroney is not doing any good by publicly declaring that we should banish demand management. Now more than ever, its time to protect our economy. Its not time to be weak and do everything that is asking Donald Trump. Brian Mulroney is only an old man and he should stay away from the political scene.

Pesonaly, I am in favor of a pure market place, even if the stock market is no heaven. I don't want Muslim dirty unpure Saudi Arabia money over my TSX. A fuck up country like Saudi Arabia should not be involved with Bay Street, and I personally don't care if the TSX has to down because of it, so we can earn back our party and legendary elegance. If there's one place on earth you want to be, that's in Canada, and the TSX being the most valuable and stable market, it's easy to invest and make money here in Canada. I didn't have much when I started this blogs 11 years ago and now I have much more than I ever imagined. $232 609.15 is not exactly of a really rich net worth, but you'll be surprised of how many people in Canada has much less than that in net worth, all for different kind of reasons. And there are also, of course, many people who have much much more. 

All those immigrants entering illegally in Canada ar looking to have what we have. They want a happy life, they want to benefit from our health care, they want our jobs, they want to benefit from our wellness. The TSX is for the self-glorification of Canadians, not for Muslims coming from Saudi Arabia. Its a shame to be Muslim, and its a shame that Saudi Arabia even exists as a country. I am against the presence of Muslims in Canada, I am againts Saudi Arabia and I am against the presnec of illegal immigrants in Canada.

That I hold $230 000, $200 000, or $250 000 in net worth, it doesn't really change anything for me. Even if I had a $300 000 in net worth, my life would be the same. Currently, my non-registered portfolio is at $181 283.51, down of $1 920.76 compared to August 3rd. However, good news in the dark, my TFSA portfolio is up to $79 027.62 (+$202.50), and my RRSP portfolio (stocks only), at $39 518.30 (+$163.04). Even my USA stocks portfolio is up to $3 201.91 USD (+$4.24, yeah!). Go go go!

There's always some good stuff going on any way on the TSX. And its way more than I can handle. I currently have $580.90 cash inside my TFSA portfolio, but guess what, I have problem to find my next investment. Whenever I have a $500+, I like to see it invested in a stock or another. Money that  is not invest is a waste of time AND money.

GRT.UN could be a good fit. I need: a dividend payer and a good TSX player.

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