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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Granite Real Estate Investment Trust (GRT.UN)

Sometimes, by belove TSX only need a few cheerful encouragements coming from its real favorite investor - and that being me - to move forward and break down all expectations. And that being a big I don't care attitude to Saudi Arabia and their Muslims, and in response, my TSX did what it does best. That's right, the world best index gains  100 points today. Will tomorrow be another successful day? I don't know, not that I don't care, but I cherish good days on the TSX like if it would be the last good one. 

Currently, I am not on top of what I can possibly have with my portfolio. It's frustrating to see PBH trading under the old top $122 per share. It was crazy. For a little while, I had almost to buy back the house I grew up in New Brunswick. I wouldn't buy it, but events like that make you think. Like do I really earn the presence of my fabulous PBH inside my non-registered portfolio to Jean-François Tardif? That man obsesses me because he cannot do anything good now with the fund that he manages.

Today, Canadian Tire Corporation Limited Class A Non-Voting Shares (CTC.A) kind of remind me of my what happen to my PBH - going from $122 per share to $100. Fortunately, I do not hold any Canadian Tire Corporation Limited Class A Non-Voting Shares (CTC.A) inside my portfolio. Today alone, CTC.A lost $14.32, 7.85%. Such events hurt hard, especially when you had been holding the stock for a long time in your portfolio. At a point, you get use to be at a certain value. And when that value go down, its not fun game. The advantage of being an investor, rather than being a short-seller like Marc Cohodes, its that you creat value overtime, on the back of strong assets. The realization and the excellence of the stocks you hold transcend in yours, because you hold all those really good stocks in your portfolio. Since I had been holding PBH for a really long time on my portfolio, fact that the stock lost a couple dollars per share is not hurting that much. I bought PBH at around $19 per share... a long time ago. But of course, I prefer PBH to be on the $122 value. Patience is sometimes needed.

Currently, my non-registered portfolio closed the day at $181 972.62, TFSA at $79 355.69, and RRSP $39 582.09 (stocks only). My non-registered portfolio has all it take to go on the 190k without further help. But like sais before, sometimes, patience is needed.

This latest investment I made today in Granite Real Estate Investment Trust (GRT.UN) wasn't a major one in term of money invested, but its a great investment. In result, my dividend income (excluding RRSP), is of annual $8 644.73.

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