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Monday, December 3, 2018

Aphria Inc. (APHA) is still the best pot stock on the TSX

I didn't place any order for my new investment inside my RRSP portfolio, I was too busy at work. But I did saw the nice little jump that my belove TSX made at the opening this morning. Some where in the 15 300 points! Let's go bitch, you can do this! Go go go! This should be enough to motivate her soul to start the day on a higher note today.

Just like Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) had suffered from malicious manipulations coming from a dumb-dumb American of the name of Marc Cohodes, Aphria Inc. (APHA) is currently suffering from attacks coming from another American, this time, Marc Cohodes is not involved. Today events seem to be coming from Gabriel Grego, founder of Quintessential Capital Management. I would like to understand why investors care about what Americans have to say regarding our great economy and about the great companies that composed that great economy. Americans are not exactly smart, its a well-known fact. And I refused to accept the fact that the opinion of some idiots can have a huge impact on our economy. 

I recognize a good stock and if I decided to invest in Aphria Inc. (APHA), its because it was the best pot stock we had in Canada. Or one of the best. Just like Donald Trump did with us, people like Marc Cohodes and Gabriel Grego like to mess with us. We should declared war to those short-seller stars and brake them to the bones. When it comes to Americans, I am absolutely intolerant. I don't think the modern world should pay any attention to what's going on in the USA. The world is much more than only the US. The Americans actually block our perspective by desperately getting all the attention and today, Gabriel Grego did his move, and idiot investors had faith in his voice.

Men like Marc Cohodes, Gabriel Grego like to make some noise and receive attention, but they are both two perfect American idiots just willing to destroy what we have best: our economy. I am really proud to have Aphria Inc. (APHA) in my portfolio and I won't ever let an American with poor judgement to decide of the destiny of my assets.

At some points, someone need to pay of their actions and its not us, Canadians to pay. Fuck off Americans from the TSX.

APHA will recover. Like for any news, Aphria title is really volatile, but today wasn't a good day. But guess what, tomorrow is another day, even for Americans.


Anonymous said...

The short sellers are doing the job our regulators are not, because we have no centralized federal agency, and no budget for enforcement. Apharia is deeply corrupt, is not making money and is making acquisitions to divert money to their friends. Aurora is the legit one.

Anonymous said...

You always complain that you can't trust Quebeckers with management money.
You're about to discover that you can't trust a bunch of Italo-Ontarians either, and it'll cost you 1200$ to learn that. (Spoilers: people being idiots or crooks has nothing to do with their race or province)

At no point did you ask yourself why Aphria is volatile and why it often drops on no news. It's simple, it's because smart people know this company is a retail investor bull trap and isn't worth its 1.3 billion dollar valuation. It's a day trade, not an investment.
Aphria is lying about the numbers and will probably be ending up in jail.


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