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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Getting ready for my next investment: MTY Food Inc. (MTY) for my RRSP portfolio

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $128 415.28, my TFSA portfolio at $75 729.71, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - $38 676.06. My margin account usage is at $66 214.31 and amount of money left of it available, somewhere in the 18k. My numbers are not too bad. I didn't sell any other stocks yet in order to pay down my margin.

I worked really hard to save money lately. Today, it was raining all day long in Montreal, so I count my penny cash and I actually had $111 in a mix of 5 and 10 cents, and maybe another $100 as I have a bunch of 25 cents that I am not done counting. :-) And before that, I went out for a quick walk as it was heavily raining... and I started feeling something cold on my feet, and it was the rain of course. My winter boots are no longer waterproof. I didn't like those winter boots anyway, but I am a bit upset that I have to buy a new pair, especially now while I was pushing hard to cut down my spending. I really don't want to buy a new pair of winter boots, especially not now.

I am quite good at playing this game of saving money. And whenever I want to play it really hard on myself, I put on a cash diet. The idea is, other than the regular bills and rent payment, you go on cash to pay for everything else and of course, you imposed a limit of cash you have to live on. Not exactly easy. I withdraw $100 in cash per week and that's all I have to cover everything for grocery and everyday expenses for one week. And a $100 is not a lot of money, but it's doable. And the fun is to try to go under the $100 per week. I almost already spend $100 already for this week, but that's because I bought some laundry tickets. I actually have only $9 to $10 left for this week, which will go for coffees. I cut down a lot in my coffee expenses my bringing a thermos of coffee to work. And I bring my lunch, of course. I usually set my lunches for the week on Sunday evening, and I usually clean my apartment on Saturday. In order to save money, the best behavior is to be organized. If you do all the crap before starting a new week, it will help.

I also put a few items for sale on Kijiji, but no luck so far. But I did sale a few items on Kijiji earlier this year. It worth it to check out on the stuff you no longer use and put it to sale. The most annoying part is to handle the emails. I received a few of "is this item still available" kind of email, which is really annoying, but other than that, selling stuff on Kijiji is pretty straightforward.

I currently have over $600 in cash inside my RRSP portfolio. And that's because of the extreme generosity of Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI) who decided to treat me like a princess - and all of the investors who are holding on to some TRI shares. With that money, I would like to make a little investment in MTY Food Inc. (MTY).

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Anonymous said...

Aphria Inc.(APH) dropped 30% today. Most likely it will go near zero as competitions come from south border for ultra low cost producers.

Just focus on higher quality dividend growth rather than speculating the market and diversify your portfolio.

MTY Food Inc is great growth stock, but it ran-up too much already, plus it is a cyclical stock. It won't perform well with low growth market.


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