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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas, TSX investors!

The end of the year is coming in a hurry. I would like to have it slow down a little, but its the way it is. Ready or not, holidays are coming in! Yeah! I will be away for a few days for the fabulous New Brunswick. I am probably going to post something before the end of the year anyway. I have less and less time to post anything at all these days. And let say it, the stock market is not helping my cause. Its really rough to be investing in stocks these days, more than it ever been before. I am just really happy that I had been able to sell some assets a few weeks ago, just before it got even worst for the TSX. Its certainly not easy to see the spectacular TSX roading its way behind the 16 000 points, but as days are flying by, I am getting used to it. I was suprised at first, but now its just kind of business as usual... And its seem like we are on our way for even worst.

However, a lot of good can comes from such difficult stock market situation. Take me for example. Thanks to this crazy financial environment, I am paying down my margin! This time coming out of hell need to be seen as a way to improve ourselves. This is the time to be at our really best. Its time to focus exclusively on the really good stocks that I can rely on the long run. It's time to but some money aside for savings (and not investing). And of course, its time to buy some high-quality stocks when they are cheap. 

I already have everything plan for my financial year of 2019. As soon as 2019 kicks in, and that the TSX is open, I want to:

Sell my PPL shares to pay down my margin, and even TRP, to pay down my margin.
After what, I should only have left in the 20k left to pay. It may sound like nothing much, but its quite a little sum and I know for sure that its going to be difficult to only pay down that 20k.

The plan is to get pure of oil stocks, and get out of debt as quickly as possible. The TSX is going weaker and weaker and personally, I think that we may go even lower. Its why I decided a little way back to start paying down my margin. I want to be free to be with my stocks portfolio without having to deal with a margin account.

Today, my non-registered portfolio closed at 120k. In those conditions, I guess I should be happy with what I have. In those conditions, it will be easier for me to keep some money as saving without any purpose. Knowing I will have to pay down a 20k margin debt, I may be able to only save between 4k to 5k....

2019 isn't going to be an easy year. I may invest in some points because I know myself, I won't be able to make a long road out of this if I cannot play in some way with stocks.

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