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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Saying thank you and goodbye to Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (ACR.UN)

My mom left yesterday evening for New Brunswick, and she left in complete chaos because I totally forgot that we had to change her bus ticket for an Orleans one, but we were able to have it change and she left in a rush... I forgot about this little admin task because for obvious reasons, for too many years now, I always buy my bus tickets with Orleans Express. I came back last week from a vacation in Holguin, Cuba, and I spent close to 3 weeks with my mother, which, despite the love, was quite long for many reasons, like having to sleep with her in the same bed. We could have a separate room at the resort, but she didn't want to - too scared to be alone in a room at night. And in Montreal, I only have a small studio apartment... So this is it. After 3 weeks, I finally got to have a good night of sleep.

I enjoyed my vacation week, but I have to say that traveling overseas is not what I like the most, especially in a poor country. I find that we are taking advantage of the poor people of Cuba. Our presence there as tourists quite hypocrite. My poor mother really wanted to travel, she can't alone, my father can't travel, my brother won't do any efforts for her, so here am I, the only option. We are both in a budget so Cuba was the easy choice. And I always have anxiety while having to travel with my passport, take the plane, all that... I could easily live without going to Cuba every year, it would actually make my life a lot easier. Traveling aboard give my anxiety, as well as elevator doing downside for a reason I can't say if not you'll get the same disease, but not investing. I rock at that shit and money always come when I need it the most.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $121 842.13, my TFSA portfolio at $68 233.59, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $40 328.83. In the last post, I said I wanted to spot a stock and do a quick hit-and-run. Well, things are all coming in together and I had nothing to to do. It's, however, a bit unfortunate because I really like this stock but Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (ACR.UN) no longer trades on the TSX. I have to say that the timing is absolutely perfect because I had spent quite some money in February! Since ACR.UN no longer trades on the TSX, all of my shares had been sold, and in result, I now have close to $1 200 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio. Nice! I am still thinking about it, but because I spend a lot of money in February, I am going to have withdrawn the 1.2k inside my non-registered portfolio and use the money to pay down my credit card. For March, I plan to save in the $3 200 - there're 3 paychecks coming in!

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