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Thursday, February 21, 2019

In the hunt for more fabulous Canadian stocks on Stockopedia

Its look for me like the TSX is looking forward to sit its pretty assets in the 16 000 points. Or at less she's desperately trying. When I have this kind of good vibes coming from my favorite stock market, I try to target stocks that could be good for a quick hit-and-run complete show off. If unfortunately you are not a regular reader and I have no clue of what a hit-and-run sex move is, its quite simple: a hit-and-run is when you buy a stock, hold in only for a little while and quickly sell to cash in a profit. It could be seem as an easy thing, but its a strategic move and risk are moderate. I personally try to catch stock with a good overall chart, and of which I have an appeal. What I am looking for is a godd quality stock that trade a good price, and that have chances to close on a higher note in the next couple days. Its always hard to predict the direction of a stock. Past results are no proof of future good results, but I base myself on good past result, crossing everything I can in the hope of good future results. And I have to say, this way work well like magic for me.

Currently, I don't have any stock pick yet in order to proceed with the perfect hit-and-run move that could only blow your mind, but I just cannot help it anyway, I am just such a great stock pickers (thank you Stockopedia). A little while back, I had introduced you to a special stock: Pollard Banknote (PBL). I could easily see PBL inside my portfolio as a long term investment. This is the kind of baby that I like. Its quite strange, I had forgot the name of the stock, but I had a feeling of it - and since my post are never too long - I find back PBL on my blog, right on here :-)

I also have a thing these days for MTY Food Inc. (MTY). I am the search of the perfect hit-and-run stock, but among the way this evening I made a few interesting finding, always on Stockopedia:
SIR Royalty Income Fund (SRV.UN) - you may want to check this one out! JUICY DIVIDEND, CHEAP STOCK, GREAT CHART. I think I am in love. And if you belive its not possible to fall for a stock, you are wrong. I love all of my stocks from the real bottom of my heart, of a pure money love. Let see if I can find anything else on Stockopedia this evening. Sorry, its about all you are getting from me for today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your watch list. SRV-UN looks interesting...I will review the fundamentals.
I hope you had an amazing vacation!


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