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Sunday, February 24, 2019

The month of February 2019: budget in review

The month of February had been an heave one in term of expenses, but I will compensate with the month of March.
Fix expenses:
Cable & Internet: $3.20
Gym: $14.38
Banking fees: $3.45
Insurance: $7
Cell: $40.24
Rent: $680
Total: $748.27
Other expenses:
Grocery: $128.76
Birthday gift to 2 relatives: $63.36
Boot soles: $10.34
Towels: $79.26
Clothes: 236.56
Night beauty cream: $14.53
Make up remover: $5.68
Listerine: $2.29
Eat out: $110.06
Travel acessories: $56.15
Plasters: $10.33
Taxi: $30.60
Coffees: $27.33
Make up: $49.44
Beauty care: $30.36
Personal care products: $11.02
Sunglasses: $508
Porte lunette : 39.06 (2)
Facial cleanser: $21.85
Aldo purse: $45.99
Tips (Cuba): $60
Transport to and from airport: $40
Gift contribution to colleague at work: $20
Total: $1 600.97

Total spending for February 2019: $2 329.24
Money save: $888.76

I am publishing now my expenses for February because I don't plan to spend any money on this last week of February.


Aaron said...

how is your cable/internet only $3.20? Mine is over $100

Anonymous said...

I think I paid $5.00 for sunglasses. $508???

Sunny said...

Yes, $508 because I have lenses in my sunglasses - I wear glasses.

For the month of February, I got it at $3.20, for the Internet and cable because I been abused by Videotron and I had been a victim of their telemarketer on an offer to get the cable on top of my Internet. It was announced at X price to me, but it wasn't the price on my last two invoices so I call Videotron, pretty upset, and I got that compensation.

Anonymous said...

Insurance $7 ?? -

Aaron said...

ohh that makes sense

Sunny said...

Its an insurance that will cover some medical expenses in case of accident.


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