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Friday, April 12, 2019

Truth, dare, double dare, promise, or repeat. Repeat, repeat and repeat

I just know how to repeat, nothing else.

I am not able to check on the value of my stocks right now, but one thing is for sure, my net worth is probably exceeding the 222k at this time. Back in August 2018, I was on my highest net worth value ever: in the $232 600. Now that I am 222k, I am not far behind that 232k. If the TSX can continue on its golden road, I may be in business to even exceed the 232k value. Something like 3 years separates my first $100 000 from my first $200 000 net worth. I had been stuck in the 200k net value since 2018, and I already have enough. I had been thinking on my past road, on the way I picked my stocks in the past. I often invest in stocks while they had been trading at their highest value – and it actually never been a mistake. 

Good quality stocks often trade at their highest value, it's ok to hit in when the time has come. It may not be the best timing in term of trading – got to buy low, sell high right – but sometimes, you need to abstract yourself from the regular figures and from the traditional financial blablabla. You need to welcome high-quality stocks in your portfolio whenever it pleases you, to then welcome them in your life and love them so much that you can’t no longer exist without them. Without that special stock, your life has just no meaning. And you get to love those stocks so much that your love protects them from all the market upside down.

If, by any chance, those stocks trade lower at one point and that you are lucky enough to buy at that special time – that’s even better. But occasions don’t present themselves all the time. And for people like me who are living paycheck per paycheck and who are extremely cash poor (because you’re an addict and trash all your money over the stock market), it could be even more difficult to enjoy such opportunities. In the past, I never wait long before investing in stocks that I had crushes on.

When I want a stock, I want it.

And this is why the experience needs to repeat itself every time. Got to target a good stock, jump in when you can and keep doing the same damn thing over and over again, again and again.

In the previous post, I expose a few stocks I had my eyes on. Currently, the only stock I want is Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Class A Limited Voting Shares (BAM.A). WPK is nice but it’s not powerful enough. Once again, history is repeating itself, I am soon about to invest in a stock that is trading in its highest value ever. It’s not my fault, BAM.A just got everything I need to boost up right into the stars my net worth.

But now, are you just ready for it?


jimboe said...

Purchased BAM.A less than a month ago, already up 2% !

Sunny said...

Way to go! I loveeee BAM.A. It's my favorite stock of the moment.


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