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Sunday, April 28, 2019

The month of April 2019: budget in review

Fix expenses:
Rent: $680
Gym Membership: $14.38
Banking fees: $3.45
Insurance: $7
Cell: $40.24
Internet: $78.63
Total: $823.70

Grocery: $170.58
Eating out: $173.01‬
Coffees: $38.9‬0
Wine: $9.95
Total: $392.44

Personal care:
Makeup: $54.23
Other: $20.67
Hair cut: $63.24
Total: $138.14

Shoes: $152.91

Sport accessory: $17.24
Order for cheques: $57.24
2 dish clothes: $1.43
Notebook: $2.88
Total: $78.79

Taxi: $30

Easter vacation expenses: $313.55
Reservation for this summer vacation: $222
Total: $535.55

Interest on margin: $220.41‬

Total expenses: $2 371.94‬

Paychecks: $2 643.3‬0
Dividend earns in the non-registered portfolio: $328.79
Dividend earns in US portfolio: $0
Dividend earns in TFSA portfolio: $271.46
Dividend earns in RRSP portfolio: $91.61
Total income: $3 335.16

Money save: $963.22


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,
Not sure how many cheques you ordered but I always order online and save money. The banks charge way too much for their cheques. Here is a link that you should "check out" next time you need to order cheques.


Anonymous said...

I don't even know why you would need cheques in this day and age as everything can be done online, through e-transfers or paying debit or credit card. If you do need an occasion cheque, it would have been better to get cheques with your credit card as the credit card companies rarely charges for those

Sunny said...

I haven't order cheques since 2017 - it last me long. I just need them to pay my rent.

Anonymous said...

hum. yeah, I`ve used cheque only to pay rent too and these cheques are going to last you 10 years, but it sucks they charge so much for nothing. That said, they are free for me at TD, even though it's written a price when I order through easyweb.
TD can also give you free generic cheques that you have to pencil in your account number. They give you those when you open a new account but you can ask for more any time, afaik.

Sunny said...

Yeah, but a banking account is not free at TD. I currently pay for mine, quite a low fee, but that's because I am not leaving any money in.

Anyway, thank you all for the tips on cheques, seem like it's quite a sensitive topic.


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