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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Boring month of May for the TSX

The weather was quite nice today in Montreal. For the first time of the year, I had worn my sandals! It's a good feeling to get rid of socks. Other than that it looks to me like I have a few new white hairs popping in, but nothing too revealing still. I am lucky enough to have a light brown hair color, so the white hair is not really noticeable - but trust me, I am noticing them! I had a nice hair cut just before Easter last month, but now, the hair had grown and I can even attach them, which I couldn't do last month. My hair grows too quickly.

I am not getting much from the TSX, but a few good things actually happen for a couple of my belove stocks, so the situation like always is not totally desperate. I don't blog that much when the TSX is not playing in my favor because I am tempted to stay away from blogging and out of the market zone when everything is not all shiny and bright. I take a quick look at everything and the market, and it's about it. But like always, I usually have several looks at the TSX all during business days. When the TSX is leaving me down, I do exactly the same thing. May is well-known for not being a super great month for investors - I barely ever remember that because I am mostly stuck on the good stuff. Like for example, I remember that June is usually a good month for me. I have a thing for trading on Saint-Jean-Baptiste, which is a holiday for Quebec province. And usually, I make super great investment moves in June. In the end, I always come back trading sooner or later. I always like to buy something new for my stock collection.

Luckily, my numbers are still great - for now. My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $122,960.51, my TFSA portfolio at $71,888.72, and my RRSP portfolio at $44,703.44‬. As for the great things that I had noticed, let's begin with CAE Inc. (CAE). CAE registered great gains following the release of it's 2018 and first quarter results. Cargojet Inc. (CJT) can be quite volatile. It's not for nothing that Stockopedia had defined this stock as being a "high flyer" on Stockopedia, and it's truly what CJT is. Since I add this one in my TFSA portfolio, I had gone through some heavy ups and downs with CJT. But now at least, Cargojet Inc.  (CJT) had registered some nice grow. Bank stocks had registered great earnings: CM, RY, TD - those are the best bank stocks.

I had posted a monthly expense for May - I will try not to spend any more money for the month of May. If I do so, I will be able to save in the $1 200, which is not bad at all knowing that I made several big expenses this month, on clothes, a new purse, and some earrings. June is going to be a quiet month as I will try not to spend on clothes or anything else. And I will try to stand my hair and let them grow, but that's going to be hard. I like my Marilyn Monroe style short hair cut.

Otherwise, this weekend, I purchased a new purse, and just to let you know, I don't have any new investment ideas for now. The stock market is not super wow and I can't wait for June to come in a hurry. Please.

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