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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Oh no! For 2019: Sell in May and go away?

"Sell in May and go away", that's what they say. And it seem like May 2019 was begun on the wrong foot. Actually, it should say "Sell in April, and stay out of the stock market in May". Anyhow, you got the point. So far for 2019, I was on top of my game, but everything collapse (it's actually not so dramatic, but I guess you understand the point), and is making me go under the net worth of $222 000. But it's ok. It's how it is with the stocks market. Donald Trump is not helping my case. He's a really hard leader when it come to negotiation. It's hard to get a in-between with him. I not exactly following the negotiations between the US and China, but this hard a real hard effect on the stock market. And it's quite sad to see how much we depend on the US. Brian Mulroney had created with Canada a country financially depended of the US, and instead of helping us, it's creating deep sorrow in our economy. Every single Quebeckers who had been our Prime Minister always created more problems than anything for our great country. We need a Prime Minister with the purest intentions, someone who will be strong and who'll give everything for Canada. Currently, the "purest" Canadian  leader who has those quality is Jagmeet Singh, but I would like to hear about him more.

While the TSX is down, I have enough in my plate to keep me busy and away from any sorrow that could hit me since my investment portfolios are going down. This is nothing new for me, I went through some much more hard times. This one is just a little reminder that the TSX can still go down from time to time. Don't ever forget that. Volatility is our best and worst friend. IT makes the stock market go higher, and sometimes, lower. Here is some stuff I am actually doing these days:

-Doing a little shopping. I bought: three tops, one pair of black jeans and Swarovski earrings. I got those ones.
-Working overtime.
-Drink water (it may seem strange, but I am not naturally tempt to drink water, I have to think about it. I am barely ever thirsty, which make me think I may had been a camel in my last life - but unfortunately, I often feel hungry :(
-Going to the gym.
-Thinking about post topics.
-Make my lunch, and bring coffee to work.
-Eat more vegetables.
-Put clothes, shoes, purses I don't wear/use on Kijiji to sell.
-Call Videotron customer service.
-Make random list of things to be done (I always have a to do list, for absolutely everything I need to do, even the smallest tasks)
-Declutter my little apartment.
-Cleaning my shit.

About all for now. :-)))

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