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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Rough Spring days, but I am not forgetting BAM.A

Ever since I came from my vacation - and even the week before my vacation - it's been busy at work and I barely have any time at all to follow the TSX during the day. I usually check the TSX several times during the day, as well as the news. When I cannot do that during the day, it means it's a pretty rough day, and I don't like it because Iget to feel somewhat disconnected to all of the REAL important things that are going on and that I could be missing on. I could be missing on several things, including my next best stock move. And trust me, it's not a feeling that I like, the feeling of doing under. And I am tire.

What the TSX is all about these past couple days, I honestly don't have a clue. While some have to deal with heavy floading, I deal with stuff of my own, but nothing as dramatic. But all New Brunswickers dealing with fload are in my prayers. 

Today at least, I am taking a look at my portfolio just to check if it's at least still alive... and that nothing has disappear... and yep, all of my stocks are still in the wood. Fortunately, my stocks don't need their mommy and it's better this way. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $‭123 309.11‬ - it's a bit down, I am usually in the 125k or close. My margin debt is at $‭48 793.37‬ - a bit high, I would be happier to be on a 45k debt. My TFSA portfolio closed at $71 552.77‬ - whenever it's exceeding the 70k is quite good. My RRSP portfolio, stocks only, closed today session at $‭43,172.61‬.

It's quite awful.... it's now May 1. Another rent payment. I will do my best no to spend too heavily in May and June. In July, I have a 2 weeks vacation. The month of March had been rough for my expenses because I had to do those tax payments. I taught I was going to roll on some debt because of all of those expenses. But I closed the month with a saving of $6.09... My expenses were of 
$ 4 877.26‬, and my income of $‭4 883.35‬. Was quite a short month! And for April, I had my Easter vacation in New Brunswick. I have spend just bit more than the $‭2 123.47‬ posted a few days ago. Still a lot of money, but I had to buy new shoes and my vacation cost me some money too.

Unfortunately, nothing is free in this world. If I work really hard, I may be able to save some money enough to place my next investment sometime in June. And I don't care if I need to eat peanut butter sandwiches (my favorite) everyday in order to do so.

My next investment? Well you know what it is: BAM.A. This one is my next baby.

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