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Thursday, May 28, 2020

WOW WOW WOW, the TSX reached in the 15 300 points today!

And this was really exciting, but the TSX closed today's session below the 15 300 points. Currently, I under the impression that my net worth is in the $216 000, which is a gain of $5 000 compared to almost exactly one month ago. If the TSX closed on positive gains tomorrow or if it remains the same, I will post a new update of my portfolio. I preferred to post an update of my investment portfolio only when it plays to my advantage, to show off as a diamond. I guess that many mutual funds would like to have the exact same privilege, but we cannot all be Dividend Girl. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $105,415.06, my TFSA portfolio at $81,846.63, and my RRSP portfolio at $44,826.25.

I don't  have an air conditioner in my apartment, but that's my choice. I could afford the big machine, but it would be for me a waste of space in my little apartment, however, it could easily fit. However,  I never wanted to spend money on it. Feeling the deep heat in my body is my way to feel that yeah, I am alive bitch! And I certainly felt quite alive during the past two days. Today was better, and tomorrow, it won't be as ho, it will be more tolerable. 

Lately, Canada's big banks had come with their financial results and many are facing problems with loans. And their profits are a lot lower. Despite it all, the TSX closed today almost at 15 300 points. This is not making much sense, but I stopped a long time ago trying to actually understand because too many times, the TSX doesn't obey to any logic and that's something really important to catch quickly when you are investing in stocks. Despite it all, I believe in the capitalist system. Capitalist will never let us down. Governments all over the world are injecting millions and millions in their economy. Be sure that no one wants the market to do down. Rich wants to get richer, and so retail investors, so watch out.

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