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Monday, May 25, 2020

Another secret super hot stock that I barely write about: Emera Incorporated (EMA)

It's been a good day for the TSX, who closed today's session in the 15 077.46 points. In this pandemic, anything exceeding the 15 000 points is just really surprising. Currently, I am closed to the portfolio value that I had back at the end of April, so I can say that my net worth is still somewhere in the $210 000, which is still quite good. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $103,213.49, my TFSA portfolio at $80,641.80 and my RRSP portfolio at $43,079.38. My margin debt is at $45,541.34, and I have left at my disposal $17,514.44 as margin party money. Overall my numbers are looking good, I am satisfied. So far so good, but remember that the markets remain volatile for now and anything and everything can quickly happen.

I am looking forward to pay down that margin debt. For now, I don't have any new investments in mind, I have nothing much going on in that sector. I am not in a mood to invest in stocks. I feel there's somewhat a morosity in the air that is BORING. Currently, my view is that I had invested enough and the best thing I can do right now is to pay off some debt/and build up some savings. This pandemic situation is making everything easier for me, but in terms of expenses only. I don't buy makeup or nail polish anymore. I don't buy clothes, I don't go to the hairdresser... Stylists are about to open soon here in Montreal. I have to say, a good hair cut won't do any warm to this girl! I actually admire people who have the courage to cut their own hair. I don't touch mine because I know for sure it would turn into a complete disaster. But one thing for sure I don't want to spend much money at all in summer clothes. Actually, I don't want to spend much at all. I would really like to decrease the usage of my margin to 40k. We'll see if it actually happens or not. Personally, this pandemic is helping me because I had been able to cut my spending.

The past week had been amazing here in Montreal, it's why I haven't been posting anything. But starting tomorrow, the really heavy hot temperatures are coming out so I am getting ready. It's going to be a little nightmare on its own because malls are not open, it's impossible to sit down at a coffee shop, or a restaurant. This is not going to fun at all. Earlier today, I found that the weather was a bit cold outside, the air was fresh. I am having a problem realizing that it's actually going to be super hot for at least the next two-three days starting tomorrow so wish me luck.

I am not in the mood to invest, but I am always in the mood to share my best investments! An investment portfolio can always be bigger and better, but at a point, at least for now, I am satisfied with what I have and I am not looking for more. It's almost like I am not the same person anymore. I hold on to many many stocks in my portfolio, but they're a few of them that are my favorites. One of my little favorites is Fortis Inc. (FTS), but I already exposed that stock before. Another stock, precious like a rose, that, just like Fortis Inc. (FTS), I barely ever write anything about is: Emera Incorporated (EMA). EMA is another super great stock that you can perfectly rely on. 

You are truly welcome. ;-)

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