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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Summer is starting, but without the fun. No vacation in New Brunswick, no $300 000 net worth YET

Just like expected, the TSX remains volatile, but we were lucky enough to have a closer today in the 15,515 points. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $106,711.05, my TFSA portfolio at $83,736.69 and my RRSP stocks only portfolio at $45,219.50. My margin debt is at $44,125.95. I now have $414.63 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio, so I am slowly getting ready to make a new investment soon. Today, Methanex Corporation (MX) bounced on a nice gain of +6.64%. MX is a super volatile stock, I wouldn't recommend that investment because you can easily find a more stable, and a better investment for your bucks. I had been lucky with Methanex Corporation (MX) because that title had been in my portfolio since my early beginning, which was over 10 years ago. It's sad to say, but sometimes, timing and a bit of luck have a lot to do if you become successful with a stock. Many stocks are difficult to hold, and Methanex Corporation (MX) is one of those stocks, but no matter what, a little part of MX is all mine and it's all good.

And talking about time passing by, just get ready, because this summer, I will be turning 40, exactly on August 27. 2020 was supposed to be a really great year for me. My father had turned 70, I am turning 40, and on top of everything else, I was quite on the correct road to get my hands on a $300 000 net worth, I was supposed to spend an awesome 2 weeks vacation at the back in New Brunswick this summer... but everything hasn't gone exactly as plan. I won't be able to visit New Brunswick this summer, because of the strict rules surrounding the visit of an outsider to my beloved province. I could visit, but I would have to stay home for 14-15 days, and while coming back to Montreal, I will have to stay confined for 14-15 days... the perfect plan to drive me completely nut. 

No matter what, New Brunswick is always on my mind and I had been just checking - to satisfy my curiosity - on ways to reach the holy land. There's no bus, no train, but guess what: it's possible to travel to New Brunswick by plane. Domestic bookings are possible within Canada, but it doesn't make much sense at all since the borders withing the provinces are close. Currently, Air Canada is offering flights from Montreal to Fredericton and Moncton. This means that anyone who wants to visit New Brunswick can, by air. Currently, Air Canada is experiencing an increase of their domestic bookings. And now, despite the international pandemic that is still going on, Air Canada is selfishly asking for an ease of travel restrictions. I guess you get it but I will explain it really clearly: don't ever consider Air Canada as an investment for your portfolio. Air Canada is a big no-no.

In this time of pandemic, it is certainly ok to go outside for a walk, but it's not ok to visit another province, or another country, just for the fun of it. Air Canada is not a respectable company, just a shark looking to make more money in a time where international traveling should be ban, just like province to province traveling should be ban. We need to thanks Justin Trudeau for being the perfect stupid Quebecker that he is.

I could take a flight to Fredericton and visit my family in New Brunswick this summer. I could go to the beach, go to restaurants, and no one would ever know about it, but of course, I won't do so because I am a highly respectful woman and I would never ever do anything that could hurt my province. But what if it's not actually everyone who cares that much? Even personally, for me, I have to say, it's quite tempting for me to book a flight for Fredericton this summer. This is like a devil temptation. Why Justin Trudeau is allowing domestic flights within Canada? Personally, I am not surprised by this situation. I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau. I find that a Quebecker is not at his place as a Prime Minister. Quebeckers have low discipline and are not built to take on big responsibilities. 

Later on, Canadians will realize their mistake.

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Anonymous said...

Why they allow domestic flights is simple: the pandemic simply not as serious as they sold it to us, and now all the governments are deconfining and backing out of the lockdown measures. They're saving face by doing it over time.

Wearing a mask in specific cases when you're in close quarters (for example, a plane) and washing hands is enough to keep it away. It's not a magical illness and the risk of getting seriously sick if you catch it is extremely small. The flu+pneumonia killed 8000 people last year. Covid killed 8000 up to now. It's not a total of 16,000, a lot of the same people would have died of the flu instead.

Covid-19 is contagious and it will kill through a CHSLD that houses bed-ridden people and with a careless staff. The flu that killed people every week at the CHSLD where my mother lived and eventually died. People just don't know how many people normally die every day. Now they get reports from a single illness daily, but they've never been exposed to death numbers before and are not exposed to death numbers by other illnesses.

People forgot that the reason for the confinement was not the stop everyone from catching covid-19, but to make sure people don't get it all at the same time. They didn't know how the disease worked. Now they know. This is why deconfinement is happening. The old people's homes need to be better managed and for the rest it should be back to normal with some basic precautions only when necessary. 92% of the deaths in quebec are above 70 years old and related to sick people in old people's home.


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