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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The story of a girl and one of her best stock: Cargojet Inc. (CJT)

The really hot days seem to now be behind us. I got out of this alive, but I decided that time has come to have a little hair trim. My idea was not to get a hair cut at all this summer, and just let my hair grow, I resisted as long as I could, but I will be getting a hair cut on July 5. I just cannot stand my hair anymore. Thin, but too much of curly hair like mine are so difficult to style, it takes the help of a good cut to make everything work out properly. I will get pretty just for myself, so I can celebrate my upcoming birthday with a little bit of dignity. I may even get highlights because I don't want to see my few white hairs. Aging is coming like a surprise in a box of cereal, out of nowhere, unexpectedly. It's not fun, but it's life. Otherwise, aging is just an esthetic aspect touching my hair, and I hope it remains that way for a really long time.

Currently, in Quebec province, more and more things are reopening, including gym and to my surprise, I am quite happy by the reopening of gyms. It's kind of getting boring around here, at least I will be able to do actually something outside my little apartment. One thing for sure that is helping me to age without much trouble is staying active, and the gym is a great tool for that. For the past weeks, I had been doing a lot of walking around, which is, at a point, became quite boring for me. I am feeling weaker in my body, my arms, my legs are not feeling as strong as they used to be, that being before the pandemic. Starting the age of 35, women, and maybe even men, began to age and feeling weaker is not of a great feeling. It's something I am looking forward to correct.

Since I won't spend any money on vacation this summer, the bright side is, I will have more money aside to invest, and more time to spend searching for new stocks. Currently, that's exactly what I had been doing. I am working at finding new investments, something that will be as good as one of a precious investment that I had been holding on inside my TFSA portfolio for a while now: Cargojet Inc. (CJT). Investing is an easy job, especially on the TSX. In Canada, we have the chance to have the best stock market, and not only the best stock market, but the most reliable and stable one. Finding great valuable pieces like Cargojet Inc. (CJT) that basically no one is writing ever about is certainly by greatest pride and is the funniest part in everything that is investing, so I can just push my babies straight to your face.

It's quite difficult to realize that this precious one had been in my portfolio since... 2018. It sincerely feels almost like yesterday. Since 2018, Cargojet Inc. (CJT) had registered a spectacular gain of 95.40%.I feel like I deserve a summer treat and I am just willing to place a new investment as soon as I will be ready for it, but first, I need to find that something that will only push me over the edge. With all of those great investments that I currently hold, it's just clear to me that I have everything it takes to hit in the $300 000 net worth, I just don't have any doubt about that in my mind. It's unfortunate, but I own my finding of CJT to Stockopedia. And I own many other great stocks that I hold to Stockopedia. My problem is that in order to make great investing findings, I need substance to work from. And Stockopedia's screens had been for me that substance. Right now, I am really missing Stockopedia.

Other than that, inside my non-registered portfolio, some recent investments started kicking in - finally. My Telus Corp (T) is currently on a gain of +4.31%, and my Power Corporation of Canada Subordinate Voting Shares (POW) stocks are on a gain of +2.16%. Inside my TFSA portfolio, the most recent investments didn't really kick off yet. However, no matter out, remain strong in your positions and hold on to your investments because later on, the result will kick in. Sometimes, it takes quite sometimes for a stock to become successful in a portfolio. I had such experience with an investment that I hold inside my RRSP portfolio: Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN). Once I made my investment in RPI.UN, it took a while for the title to register gains. But now, I had reached success with RPI.UN and now, my and RPI.UN we are having a great love story and I have many other stocks like that on which I am totally relying on to create my richness.

All part of the game is base on one thing: on your ability to make good decisions to yourself. In our modern times, it's something that is getting harder and harder to do, because we are dealing with way too much information coming literally from everywhere and anywhere. It's really hard to find good financial advisors. When it comes to money, you cannot really rely on people, so you need to understand things for yourself and by yourself. Take for example all my chit-chat posts regarding margin account: here and here. Everything I know about margin, I learn it by myself. When I opened my margin account - many many years ago - no one at TD explained what I was getting into. I just had to sign a piece of paper and it was about it. Don't expect help from no one when it comes to your personal finance. Here in Montreal, most financial advisers are illiterate when it comes to investment. You need to be careful. You are actually better hanging around here that dealing with a financial adviser, especially if you live in Quebec province.

When it comes to precious investments, no one can beat me at that game. In 10 years from now, I hope that Cargojet Inc. (CJT) will still be in my portfolio and bring on some serious $$$. And I wish you the same.

You are more than welcome.

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