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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Welcoming a nice $221,619.78 net worth

I had a nice surprise! At first, I taught that my today's net worth was going to be 220k, but I actually have done better. Today, my net worth closed at a good $221,619.78. It seems like we are on the road for recovery. Even the Bank of Canada is agreeing with the idea. According to the Bank of Canada, the worst is now behind us. It's quite difficult to think so, especially since we don't have any vaccine yet for the COVID and that across Canada, as well as all over the world, people are going back to restaurants (not here in Montreal yet but that will come), are getting a hair cut, etc. etc. 

I unfortunately currently live in Montreal and right now, I feel that everyone is more sloppy. I see different groups of people hanging out together or on line, not respecting the 2 meters social distancing rule, all things that are not surprising coming from Quebeckers. People are just not respectful enough of the rule and the Quebec health system is just too weak to be able to properly fight this disease. Quebec province will have to live with its failure.

It can get annoying to be in my little one and a half apartment almost 100% of the time, but I keep myself busy. Among others, the TSX is keeping me quite busy, updating my investment portfolio again and again, and maybe also again tomorrow.

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