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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Welcome in my investment portfolio Boralex Inc. (BLX) and Aecon Group Inc. (ARE)!

I made the easy decision to sell off my stocks of Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), and not only because of today loses, but it was a mix of things, poor dividend, no chances to catch up in capital gains. To resume quickly, I was going absolutely nowhere with ABX and at a point, business is business, so good-bye love. Adios. Done. Over. End of the story. BYE BYE.

Mines, and everything related to gold and silver, those kind of stocks are just really difficult to hold on to. You can take for another example Novo Resources Corp. (NVO). Just today, NVO lost 2.82%. In a dividend portfolio, while trying to hold on to some quality stocks, the whole mining sector is, in my opinion, to be avoided. Anyway, Novo Resources Corp. (NVO) doesn't pay any dividend and its being held on to by the devil itself, Eric Sprott who's retired, but still playing on the market because the old man is just very sick. No thanks, I don't want any NVO shares in my portfolio, but I do know what I want. 

And today, I wanted some Boralex Inc. (BLX) and.. watch out... also Aecon Group Inc. (ARE). I know, I never mention ARE on this blog before - and it's for a good reason: I just didn't know that ARE even existed, until today.

What I am so desperately in need of are reliable companies that make good money and pay a dividend. Easy say, but not easily done. I know how difficult it can be for small investors to be invested in stocks, and on how hard it can be to be confronted with choices. But among the way, decisions are getting easier and easier to make. The market stress remains, however, but in a different way, maybe more in somewhat relax way. The stock market is unpredictable and nothing should ever be taken for granted. I am looking quite fine and good with a TSX so closed now to the 16 000 points. I had been waiting for a really long time for the TSX to hit the magic number and it seems like its going to happen it could happen in 2017, in the same year that I reached 200k in net worth. And if it doesn't, it won't really matter. And it shouldn't really matter that you reach your money goals or not because, at the end of your life, you'll die no matter what. Money can't buy eternity. I am happy just way things are right now for my portfolio. I just now dealing with a personal problem of my own that I can't control. I just want some more stocks, I want my portfolio to grow more and I want more dividend sexy juice. I just want more and my search for new stocks could only get broken by the end of my life. Just don't tell no one, but I have addictions of my own. It seems I can't just stop investing and I don't see how I can eventually get that margin paid off. Sincerely, paying down my margin never been a priority, I am much more excited and very alive when I invest in a new stock. 

Today, I sell all of my ABX shares, and to replace it, I invested in Boralex Inc. (BLX) in both my TFSA and RRSP portfolio. I couldn't help but notice Aecon Group Inc. (ARE). ARE is soon going to be acquired by a China company, which had promised $20.37 per share for ARE. It was too exciting to miss, so I place a quiet little move inside my non-registered portfolio at $19.59 per share. My upcoming paycheck should help to partly cover that new investment, but not at all, unfortunately, since rent needs to be paid... Already November in a few days.

In results of all those all good moves, of course, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $188 133, my TFSA at $61 481.49 and my RRSP (stocks only), at $37 512.96.

Now, let's go Boralex Inc. (BLX) and Aecon Group Inc. (ARE), show be what you got and be my latest proud.


Carla said...

Hi Sunny,
I have often found your blog to be quite amusing and inspiring ....
I just have a wee comment.....since you love dividend paying stocks...have you ever invested in a D.R.I.P. either through a transfer agent or a discount broker? It would build up your asset base, especially if you don't really need the immediate dividend cash flow if have you have other income sources.
One of your heroes, Derek Foster has great instructions on how to set these up...

Sunny said...

Hi Carla,

Thanks for reading.

I am registered to an automatic DRIP for my non-registered, TFSA and RRSP portfolio. Which means that if a stock has the DRIP program on it and that I have enough earned enough dividend, the dividend will automatically DRIP to generate a new stock.

Otherwise, I never registered to a DRIP through a transfer agent. It's a good tip to register to a DRIP, but it's not how I like to invest in the present time.


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