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Saturday, October 16, 2021

The TSX is getting closer to the 21 000 points and its quite fun to watch!

This past Friday had been another great day for the TSX. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $137,312.77, my TFSA portfolio at $128,729.29 and my RRSP portfolio at $61,945.13. I estimate my net worth to exceed $331,000. In my opinion, the road to the first $350,000 won't be too long. 

Currently, the gains made on my Bitcoins and Ethereum unit funds are all together reaching the $400+ value. It's a nice amount, but since I had been waiting for quite a while now to make a great profit by selling my investment in Bitcoin Fund The Class A units (QBTC), Purpose Bitcoin ETF CAD ETF non-currency hedged units (BTCC.B), and 3iQ CoinShares Ether ETF (ETHQ). I want to see the color of my money with those investments. It's the reason why I will just ignore for now that I even have any units of QBTC, BTCC.B, and ETHQ in my TFSA portfolio, and get back to it later on. Maybe just in 2022, we'll see. In my opinion, the 3iQ's funds are the best ones to invest in to make a quick and easy profit. Sometimes, a quick wanted profit takes a bit more time to make.

At first, I had a good start buying-and-seeling crypto funds. But at a point, I got stuck in the game and I haven't been able to sell as quickly as before. This is the reason why I still hold to my crypto funds unit in date of today. Now, the situation is a bit different. I am simply holding in the hope to make more profit. Once made, that profit will be made at a $0 commission fee - thanks to my new broker National Bank Direct Brokerage - and also free of tax because I hold all of my crypto funds inside my TFSA portfolio. 

Before leaving Montreal for New Brunswick, I spent a bit of money. I bought a new smartphone, which I really needed, new boots, clothes, and a few other purchases which unfortunately add up too quickly. I prefer to buy those things in Montreal because where I am in New Brunswick, we have fewer choices and stores. Extra money would be more than welcome. Just to make me feel worst, I had to leave some things behind because my luggage pieces were already very heavy... It's not an easy task to pack for several months for both autumn and winter, but I did, and here I am, watching the train in my old folks' backyard:

I like to watch the train. It usually travels from right to left, like in this video.


Anonymous said...

I think I saw the same train. the CN line is about a 100 meters from house. I live in Saskatchewan

Sunny said...

That's funny! Maybe it is :-)


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