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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Transfer finally done and completed: my investment portfolio is now with National Bank Direct Brokerage!

Following its arrival, it took more than the usual 48 hours for my non-registered Canadian margin portfolio to be completely transferred over National Bank Direct Brokerage. Most of the investments that I hold inside my non-registered Canadian margin portfolio were transferred over National Bank Direct Brokerage arrived on October 5th. However, on October 5th, two of my biggest holders were missing and haven't been transferred, but they were nowhere to be seen over my old TD Direct account... That's the scariest part, not to be able to see your stocks, but that's actually a good thing, meaning that the transfer is ongoing. My two biggest investments, PPL and ENB, finally arrived on the date of today inside my Canadian margin portfolio over National Bank Direct Brokerage. The date that appears on the Activity page is actually yesterday, but yesterday, PPL and ENB were nowhere to be seen. I am quite happy that this transfer is finally done and completed!

It hasn't been much stressful. Both TD Direct and National Bank Direct Brokerage brokers had been great and done their job. I know that many investors might have done what I did and transferred their assets over National Bank Direct Brokerage. It just required some checking once something new arrived over NBDB. Yesterday evening, I write down in my agenda all the dividend payout dates. It allows me to verify the following: it seems like I am missing two dividend distributions inside my TFSA portfolio, and one dividend distribution over my RRSP portfolio. I will call National Bank Direct Brokerage on Monday only because for now, this lady is still on vacation.

I wrote down in my agenda the dividend distribution date. For that task, I checked each and every single of my dividend stocks over the TSX page. Following what, I click on the Key Data of the stock:

That way, I can verify the payable date of the dividend:
Since I had been holding most of my assets for a really long time, I don't need to worry about the Ex-Date. It's the Payable date that I wrote down in my agenda for each of my stocks. It was a long exercise, but it was worth the effort. In my early days as an investor, I was checking my dividend distribution, but I have to admit that it's something I didn't do for quite some time. However, since I recently switch brokers, I want to verify my dividend distribution. Sincerely, it's a task that we should all do as investors. We are alone to verify our own interests. From now on, I will verify my dividend income and check that I actually received everything the TSX own me :-)

Still no luck at hunting little partridges yesterday, we didn't kill any. Today is a hunting break day.

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