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Monday, December 20, 2021

Saying a big thank you and goodbye to PFB Corporation (PFB)

My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday at $134,223.99, my US portfolio at $4,649.57, my RRSP stocks only portfolio at $63,068.63 and my TFSA portfolio at $125 996,88. It's not as good as my best top results of back November 8 of this year, but things are let say under control. Today, my portfolio numbers are unfortunately a bit lower. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $132,983.52, my US portfolio at $4,622.30, my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $62,869.75 and my TFSA portfolio at $124 663,25.

Recently, I was able to inject another 2k in cash over my non-registered portfolio. I will probably proceed with a contribution to my RRSP in the next couple of days, probably for that same amount. I am not a super fan of RRSP, RRSP totally sucks, but since I already have a bit my both my non-registered and TFSA portfolios, I guess that a little 2k contribution to my RRSP portfolio won't hurt, especially when its to help lower my taxes for 2021. Maybe I will add another 1k. Following what I would have close to 5k invested for my RRSP for the fiscal years of 2021.

Starting today, PFB Corporation (PFB) will no longer be listed over the TSX. Unfortunately, The Riverside Company completed the acquisition of PFB Corporation (PFB) and as result, PFB will no longer be over the TSX. That Riverside Company is not listed over the TSX, so we won't be able to see OFB grow inside Riverside over the TSX. I welcomed PFB Corporation (PFB) inside my TFSA not too long ago, back in August 2021. Before that, I had my eyes on PFB Corporation (PFB) for a little while. I actually found PFB Corporation (PFB) using Stockopedia back in 2019. At the time, I really wanted to invest in PFB, however, I found their website to be incompleted. There were just no pictures of the owners. Strangely, just that was a turn-off for me. I took my time, but I eventually invested in 100 shares of  PFB Corporation (PFB). I just needed to invest in PFB for my portfolio. It was kind of a fatal attraction but which turn well. Today, I actually went ahead sold the stocks that I was holding of PFB inside my TFSA portfolio. Before that, I had received a great dividend and a special dividend distribution coming from PFB Corporation (PFB). That's how came to an end my little journey with PFB. I had enough and wanted to move on.

When I first began to invest in stocks, I had a whole list of stocks that I wanted to invest in. Since I began my investment journey from scratch, everything needed to be done. At a point, my portfolio was loaded with all those marvelous stocks that I so wanted to have in my investment portfolio for quite a while. Over time, it became harder and harder to find new stocks to invest in. I barely ever find new stocks to invest in my reading of financial's newspapers or by listening to BNN. I was lucky enough to find Savaria Corporation (SIS) by reading Roger Dufour from La Presse. Otherwise, new stocks to invest in haven't come my way very easily. I mostly invest in Derek Foster and Susan Brunner stocks.

It seems to me like I started using Stockopedia back in 2016. It's been a real game-changer for me. No need to rely on anyone, no need to wait after the news, BNN, Derek Foster, or Susan Brunner to find new great investment ideas! 

In a way, my journey with PFB Corporation (PFB) is kind of similar to the one I have right now with Pender Growth Fund Inc. (PTF). Just like my old PFB stocks, Pender Growth Fund Inc. (PTF) is quite mysterious. I received questions regarding the investor fee for PTF. Well, it's not really clear. Just like PFB wasn't really clear for me lol. So it's the same old song, PTF is just as mysterious as my old PFB, and I kind of like it. However, my investment in PTF is tiny little small. I no longer provide the number of shares I hold per investment because it's no one business. I am not looking forward to providing more information than that. What I want is to throw a max of investment ideas to people who, like me, are having a hard time figuring things out.

The sell of my precious PFB sell is leaving me with an annual dividend income of $8,790. That amount excludes the dividend earned inside my RRSP because RRSP sucks.

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