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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Welcome again Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) in my RRSP portfolio

The dividend increase party just continues for our fabulous Canadian banks! Yesterday, both the Royal Bank of Canada (RY) and the National Bank of Canada (NA) declared an interesting increase in their dividend distribution! And that's not all.

Also yesterday, I received PFB Corporation (PFB) generous dividend. Following what, I had a couple of hundred dollars at my disposal to invest inside my TFSA portfolio. Among the big banks, the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) is among the cheapest, and with the recent dividend increase for BNS, I have to admit that I was really tempted to invest in a few shares of BNS... And so I did. When I first started my investment portfolio about 14 years ago, the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) was among the first stocks that I bought for my non-registered portfolio. Back in the days, Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) was a Derek Foster's stock.

Yesterday, my non-registered portfolio closed the session on a low $130,781.83, my US portfolio at $4,296.11 US, my RRSP - stocks only - portfolio at $61,571.20, and my TFSA portfolio at a super low $123,767.51. 

Today, both Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) and Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) increased their dividend distribution. My annual dividend income is now at $10,745.95, the equivalent of $895.50 per month. For dividends earns outside my RRSP, my annual dividend income is now at $9,037.09, or if you prefer $753.09 per month.


Anonymous said...

When you going to go back to premium brands.

Sunny said...

I still like PBH, but it's expensive. I am not turning my back on it. It could be a candidate for a small investment.


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