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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (HMM.A)

The TSX, just like Bitcoins and Ethereum, closed the day on more positive gains, which is nice because I don't like to see my net worth value going down the drain. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $135,680.74, my US portfolio at $4,475.88, my RRSP portfolio at $62,921.90 and my TFSA portfolio, at $127,075.66. Those numbers are better now, butunfortunately not as good as on November 8, 2021, when I reached my highest net worth ever.

Today, Enbridge Inc. (ENB) announced a dividend increase. This bring up my annual dividend to a good $10,810.43. Without considering the dividend earns inside my RRSP, my annual dividend income is now at $9,101.57, which represents an equivalent of $758.47 per month. I came with an easy plan in order to push that amount to an equivalent of $800 per month: to sell my investment that I hold in Boyd Group Services Inc. (BYD) and buy instead some Royal Bank of Canada (RY) stocks. BYD is not a real good performer and pay a ridiculously low dividend to its investor. Next, I will sooner or later received cash for my PFB Corporation (PFB) shares. To that amount, we can add the amount I will get once I decide to sell my crypto ETF investments. I could eventually invest the combine amounts in Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM).

There are other moves I could so, like for example selling the investment that I hold in Saputo Inc. (SAP), which doesn't perform very well these days. And why not, selling JFT Strategies Fund Class A Units (JFS.UN) who doesn't pay a dime in dividend. But for now, I am not in a rush to increase my dividend income, I am just considering my options.

I had a few dollars left available inside my TFSA portfolio, so I decided to invest a small amount in Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (HMM.A). I really like HMM.A, in the kind of industrial stocks that I like the most. Hammond Manufacturing is a family own business. I found HMM.A on Stockopedia. Best thing, HMM.A pay a small dividend to its investor, which is always welcome. 

Today I was able to find many stocks on Stockopedia. Among them, I also find Pender Growth Fund Inc. (PTF), which I find quite interesting because PTF has that overall perfect chart. Unfortunately, PTF doesn't pay any dividend.

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