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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Bad days for the TSX, but now is a good time to buy high-quality dividend stocks

The TSX closed this past Friday session way below the 19,000 points. At 18,480.98 points, the TSX is not in a good place, it's hard to watch. However, now is a good time to invest. One stock that I invest in during the past couple of months is BCE Inc. At $61.45 per share, and with its generous almost 6% dividend yield, BCE still remains an interesting stock to invest in. Another stock that I like and that is trading right now below $70 per share is the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). I wouldn't invest exclusively in one of those two stocks, but I would be more tempted to invest a bit here and there in different sectors.

I went grocery shopping today. It cost me almost $100 for stuff I bought to cook two recipes with my slow cooker and a few extra things. I find it quite expensive. I just cannot imagine how families handle those high prices of groceries these days.

This past Friday, my non-registered portfolio closed the session on a super low $133,866.81, my US portfolio at $4,823.04, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $60,969.66, and my TFSA portfolio at $117,944.51. My margin debt is at $46,331.29. My buying power left on my margin is exceeding $43,000. I recently open a banking account with National Bank. From now on, I will be able to transfer money in real-time to my broker account, in case I feel I need to.

I will be leaving Montreal for New Brunswick just before Thanksgiving. Like last year, I think I will be spending the whole winter there. In the meantime, I am enjoying Montreal. I had been quite busy at work lately and I did a lot of overtime. My last paycheck was quite massive and I was really happy about it, but I also enjoy having time for myself. It's hard to enjoy any free time while spending so many hours at work. It's also really hard for me to follow my investment portfolio, and even to listen to BNN when everything seems to be everything work-related. It's a bit hard, but when I feel it's getting to a point where it's getting too hard on my shoulders, I think of the $$$, and sincerely, I feel immediately a lot better. Money of course is not everything, but it helps to think of all of those things you can do while earning more. Recently, I bought one new pair of glasses and one new pair of sunglasses. I also had some valuable gift cards from work, and I bought myself a Chromebook, clothes, beauty products, and a Bluetooth gadget. Also, having more money means that I can buy basically anything I want, within the reasonable of my ordinary life. I like my new Acer Chromebook 311 because it's lite and works well for my use.

I went swimming this past Saturday - like I normally do, but I think it will be the last time because when I got out of the water, all I wanted to do is to go under a blanket lol. I recently clean my summer wardrobe for my autumn\winter one. Summer days are gone for this year. I can say that I had a nice time. While waiting for October to kick in, I am still enjoying Montreal. 

I went voting in anticipation today for the Quebec elections. On my way there, I passed by this beautiful house. 

October is coming, but we can still see beautiful flowers in Montreal.

Last week, I went shopping at the Carrefour Laval, probably the biggest shopping center I ever went to.

I also enjoyed the boulevard Saint-Laurent and Montreal.

I went to a free outdoor concert for the 60th anniversary of Place Ville-Marie:

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