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Sunday, September 11, 2022

The real legacy left behind by Queen Elizabeth II

I just notice now that today is September 11. The sad events happen 21 years ago. 21 years is a long time but sincerely, it doesn't feel like it happens so long ago. I still remember to this day September 11, 2001.

The weather had been very great all weekend long in Montreal! Personally, I am not in favor of the monarchy, the passing of Queen Elizabeth doesn't mean anything to me, but everyone had the right to their own feelings. I must admit that a few years ago, when Prince William and Kate came to Montreal following their wedding in July 2011, I was overjoyed and super excited. I went to the celebration, but I wasn't able to see them, as you can see from this video I took at the time...

The "William effect" totally got into me. Several years had passed since that event and now, I have to say that I am not in favor of the British monarchy. It's complete nonsense in our contemporary culture, especially in Canada. Monarchy increased the division between the rich and the middle-class people and all the others... No one deserved to be treated as "subjects". 

We don't really get anything financially for being part of the Commonwealth. It's not like if our economy depends and relies on those relations. Indigenous people and Acadians suffer from the British invasion of our land. The UK is a super rich country that builds itself by mistreating us and by violating our rights to our land. As an Acadian descendant, I simply cannot support or be a fan of the British monarchy, it's simply out of the question. 

Elizabeth II was more part of an organized circus figure than anything else. Try to name a realization of the late Queen Elizabeth II, you'll find next to nothing so. Her greatest accomplishment could be considered her military service during World War 2. Otherwise, I don't see anything much. I feel I am serving more of the community than she has ever been able to do simply by sharing my experience with my personal finances and especially by sharing my best investment stock picks. That's real gold. Instead of wearing the crown, I am actually holding it tight for you. Queen Elizabeth II legacy is a long list of what so ever realizations that really don't make any difference in this world. We should remember that the British monarchy never apologizes to the Indigenous or Acadian community. That's the real legacy that has been left behind by Queen Elizabeth II: a deep black hole that separates us, brave Canadians against the British people, who are weak "subjects" of Charles III. The monarchy respects its history and those people are proud of their achievements. In their eyes, their ancestors didn't cause us any injustice.

It seems like history has its way to turn upside down because in today's world, living in the UK is not easy for millions of people, it's a pain. Inflation is hitting very hard in that country. The cost of living was already high before inflation hit. Trust me when I say, many of those Brits have all eyes on Canada, they all want to live here, and they all want to be Canadians. They are simply dying to be in our shoes, but they are not.

The TSX gained more than 300 points this past Friday, which help my non-registered portfolio to reach out the $143,208.52, my US portfolio at $4,872.52, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $64,013.00, and my TFSA portfolio at $125,451.65. With the beautiful weather I am spending money - and a lot of it on a bunch of things - and I probably won't invest in anything new for a little while. However, I will, like usual, reinvest the money earn as dividend distribution. It's just that may not reinvest on a high-speed mode. Also, I will be going back to New Brunswick in mid-October. 

I had been checking on some stocks in Stockopedia, and I came across the following:

ALC, HPS.A and IAG. IAG is expensive and could go lower when the recession status will be announced. I already own ALC in my beautiful portfolio of mine, but only a very very small investment. HPS.A seems to be interesting, but don't try to access their Web site, it's currently dead.

Stockopedia operates from the UK, but I like it too much not to use it from time to time. Stock ideas need to come from somewhere.

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