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Sunday, November 27, 2022

My debt situation on date of November 25, 2022

Margin account debt: $46,584.33 @ 7.25%

Annual interest: $3,377.36

On the date November 25, 2022

**For a complete update regarding my debt, click on the label "Debt situation" located in the right column of this blog. 


John Guy said...

Receive approx $1200 dividend today, I alos carry balance on a credit line @6.45%.
Should I pay down debt or reinvest. What is your opinion ?

Sunny said...

How much is the debt on your credit line?

John Guy said...


Sunny said...

There's nothing wrong with holding on to some debt if you can afford it. Your interest rate is even lower than my margin account. If I were you, I would put the money as savings in a GIC or even better, invest in high-quality stocks.


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