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Monday, November 7, 2022

Welcoming a net worth of $327,061.62 to begin the month of November

So far, we are having a really nice autumn season in New Brunswick.

The TSX closed the month of October on a high note. I was quite curious to find where I was standing with everything so I figure it was a good time to update my investment portfolio. My net worth closed this past Friday's session at $327,061.62. The first time I ever reached a 327k net worth must have been sometime in September 2021. 

Today, the TSX closed the day on a high note, leaving me with an increase of over $1,000 for my stock portfolios. My non-registered portfolio closed today's session at $140,961.96, my US portfolio at $5,020.17, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $57,995.15, and my TFSA portfolio at $120,766.94. I think my non-registered portfolio has everything it needs to move into the $150,000. We are now missing less than 500 points before hitting back the old 20,000 points. Everything is possible.

I am now missing $34,380.80 before getting back to my highest net worth value, which used to be exactly $361,442.42 back in April 2022. Lately, many stocks I own came with some good financial news. Telus Corporation (T) came with very strong financial results and on top of that good news, Telus increased their dividend distribution. Cargojet Inc. (CJT) also came with good results. Savaria Corporation (SIS) had surpassed $200M in revenue for the first time. CNR also had good news. Some of my stocks will be reporting their quarterly results on November 9. Thanks to Telus, The equivalent of what can be considered my monthly dividend income coming from my non-registered and TFSA portfolios is just a penny shy away from $830.

I have a few dollars at my disposal to make a little investment in my US, TFSA, and RRSP portfolios. I haven't figured out what to invest in yet. For now, I am just looking forward to increase the amount I currently have in savings. I am working hard to control my spending, but it's quite easier here than in Montreal. My only major expense is gas, when we go hunting. But that expense alone can be quite costly. I have $52 left to cover my extras for this week, which may go directly into gas... I am working on a tight budget, but I always have room to go over if needed.

Otherwise, life is pretty easy here in New Brunswick.


Kyle Liu said...

I suffered big loss from growth stocks.
I am now back to slow and steady dividend growth which I've done for decades.

Anonymous said...

What kind of bird is that in the photos? :)

Sunny said...

I am currently at a loss of a bit over $20,000 compared to just a few months ago, I know how it feels. But I think we are up to recovery. Dividend growth stock is the way to go. It could take some time, but I am confident my portfolio will get back - eventually - to its highest value.

I think the bird is probably a lovely Canada jay :-)
The little bird actually came on my father's hand to eat bread.


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