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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Saying hello to a $337,227.95 net worth

It didn't last for very long, but for a few days at least, it was really nice to have the TSX back in the 20,000 points. I couldn't certainly miss this opportunity to shine, so like usual, whenever the TSX goes up, I did update - again - a few days ago, my investment portfolio page. This was to find out that I am now on a net worth of $337,227.95. Back at the beginning of February of this year, I was on a $340,000 net worth. In a way, I am kind of starting the year all over again. I like this no matter what, at least we are taking a few steps forward. I will be able to see back my old highest value ever - which was in the $360,000 back in April of this year.

It's now official, my dividend income is now in the $830, for my non-registered and TFSA portfolios part. If I include the dividend earned inside my RRSP, I am getting really super close to a dividend income the equivalent of $1,000 per month. I think I will be there shortly, probably even in just a few months if I don't invest in anything new.

Yesterday, we received our first snow and unfortunately, it's staying on. The weather is just too cold now. This is winter. Yesterday morning, the view was quite romantic and very pretty. If you don't know this view by now, it's because you are not a regular reader of my beautiful blog and that's a total shame:

I had been working very hard these past couple of weeks to restrict my spending. It's quite a lot easier to do so here in New Brunswick because where I live, I have almost nothing in proximity. It's a lot easier to save money here, however, I find the grocery cost is a lot more expensive here than in Montreal, especially for vegetables, oranges, clementines... Lately, I had been craving for turkey. Is there any better mix than cranberries and turkey? My favorite turkey is Butterball. I was shopping for groceries with my old folks and I was quite shocked at the price of one turkey.

One Flamingo turkey is being priced $45! Guess what, I didn't see anyone buying turkey while I was there... I haven't been able to satisfy my turkey craving. I could pay $45 for a turkey, but I won't. It's against my principle. Nobody is buying those turkeys, at a point, they'll need to reduce the price to clear some off their shelves. I am waiting :-)

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