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Sunday, January 22, 2023

See the Dividend Girl chart for yourself

From January 9 to 17, I just kept publishing portfolio updates after portfolio updates, happily welcoming nice gains every single day during that period. But now, the party is over. It was just a matter of time. This period was just a super weird one. It simply just doesn't make any sense at all. It's because of those types of events and so many others that I stopped even trying to understand the stock market. It's what works best for me, ignorance. And the willingness to keep it that way.

The TSX closed this past Friday's session with a good 20,503.21 points. My non-registered portfolio closed the session at $148,793.61, my US portfolio at $5,124.66 US, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at  $64,175.20, and my TFSA portfolio at $125,777.06. 

I am not very active on social media. I already spend a lot of time in front of my laptop for my job and add to this, my blog and not to forget, my investment portfolio... At the end of the day, it makes a lot of time to spend online. However, I cannot help it, when I began to notice that I was receiving some traffic coming from Twitter, so I need to check it out.

And this is what I find, over here:

Here's a closer look at this wonderful, super amazing chart of mine!

I appreciate seeing my historic like this. During all those years, I think what really help to boost the value of my net worth is the fact that I always invested during the TSX downturns. When well invested,  a little amount of money invested can go a very long way.

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