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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Welcoming a net worth of $358,324.64!

Between the period of January 9 and January 13, I updated my portfolio every day. The TSX was always closing in a gain. Even a little gain is a good gain. I updated my portfolio every day because I knew I wasn't too far away from exceeding my highest net worth value ever, which was $361,442.42 on April 20 of last year. I closed this past January Friday the 13th on a net worth of $358,324.64. This means that I am currently only missing less than $3,500 before hitting back the so-wanted $361,000 net worth. I didn't think I was able to get back on the $361,000 net worth anytime soon, but I could be on my high earlier than expected. I wish it happens before we hit on that expected soon-to-be recession status. Usually, big gains precede big losses. Nothing is normal these days. We heard so much about a recession that when it actually happens, maybe the market won't react too sharply. That's my wish for 2023: a not-too-rough tough of a year, please. That's all I am asking. 

We received some massive snow here on Thursday and Friday, like really heavy snow. The snow began on Thursday evening. I had an appointment for my hair on Thursday. I haven't had a cut forever and my hair was suffering. I cannot stand having very long hair going below my shoulders anymore. A benefit of being in New Brunswick is that stylist services are a lot cheaper than in Montreal. She wanted to charge me only $15, but I gave her $30. I will probably visit her one time again before going back to Montreal. 

In Montreal, a good affordable option is to visit a beauty school, where you can get services at a more affordable price. For years, I went to the Académie de coiffure St-Laurent, located in downtown Montreal near Berri-Uquam. Their prices are good, and I never had any problems going there for a haircut. I actually got the chance to have my hair cut by the owner, Aldo Furfaro, on a few occasions. When I will back going back to Montreal, I will probably visit them again because I want to be more careful with my spending.

Starting the month of March, my rent will be increased by $20 per month, from $710 to $730. Before I left for New Brunswick in October, I have to empty my highway and my wardrobe, as well as my kitchen counter because some renovations needed to be done, which I agreed on, despite the fact that I knew it was going to result in an increase in my rent payment. The kitchen floor and highway needed to be changed, as well as the kitchen counter which needed to be changed even when I arrived there, many years ago. 

My Montreal apartment is a small one-and-a-half studio, but with good kitchen space, and is well-located and close to basically everything. I have basically been living in the same apartment since I had been living in Montreal - which has been many years now. I could easily afford to pay more for my rent, but I always preferred to keep my expenses low. I wouldn't feel comfortable paying over $1,000 for my rent.

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