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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Welcoming a net worth of $346,786.01 in the first week of January 2023

While the TSX was closing this past Friday's session on a strong +300 points gain, I just couldn't miss the opportunity, I had to update my investment portfolio and so I did. I don't like to miss an opportunity to shine. I began the year 2023 with a total of $393,444.59 in assets and a $346,786.01 net worth. I had a similar net worth back on March 4, 2022. 

The year 2023 barely began, but I think I am on the right path to building up my $20,000 in savings by the end of April. I am doing the best I can to keep my spending as low as possible, without compromising too much. Here are what my numbers are looking like while living in New Brunswick:

Rent: $710
Cell phone: $29
Grocery: $200
Internet: $80
Extra: $500
Total: $1,519

For my "extra" spending, I tried to limit it to $400, but in times of inflation like these, it's quite difficult. It seems like I am always in need of something. Like right now, I am really in need of a haircut. At $200 per month, my spending on groceries is super low while living in New Brunswick and that's because I share the grocery bill with my old folks. I buy some extra things as groceries from time to time, and that goes into my "extra" spending.

When I am in Montreal, I spend more money. I can easily add an extra amount of $250 to $400 - and sometimes even more - in spending to that current $1,519 when I am in Montreal. It depends on which months. Sometimes, I can spend even less, but it's rare. That's the reason why I am really trying to reach my $20,000 in savings by the end of April because when I will be going back to Montreal this spring, I know I will be spending more. I am just trying to make things easier for myself.

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