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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Because it's all about money

Everything is going so well at this time for me. My mutual funds are doing ok, my TD Waterhouse is now open, I am about to bought my first stocks, I have a part-time job, I might have overtime available at my full-time day job on weekends and I am only missing like about 15 000$ to reach my first 50 000$. Finally.

But, I had purchase clothes, 150$ for a spring jacket…. So expensive but so pretty, I couldn’t just not buy it. I got my hair cut, it cost me something like 10$, and buy 2 pair of jeans, and a new t-shirt, and a night cream of Yves Rocher that I didn’t even applied yet… All for 219.81$. Dutch.

I know it’s not that much, but I try to manage everything with really tight budget…

I get my taxes done, it will be done by next Saturday, and it will cost me 160$... I calculate my income after taxes, and I almost reach the 45 000$. I made around 43 000$.

So my extra expenses for this month is about of 379.81$. Not too bad. I am just missing a pair of sandals for this summer. After all, I will be done with shopping.

I now have an account with TD Waterhouse

It wasn’t that difficult to open an account with TD Waterhouse. It was not difficult at all. But the funniest part was when the girl asks me what I wanted to do with the account. I told her I wanted to buy one stocks of all of the above (I had my list I show her). Than, she tried to understand me, saying that it will cost me 29$ for each stock I buy. I didn’t provide more information on why I wanted to buy one single share of each. I wanted to open the account as quickly as possible. I told her I wanted to open the account on today, and that I had previously had purchases GIC and mutual funds with TD, and that I now wanted to purchase stocks.

Is it that difficult to understand?

One thing, TD Waterhouse has no connexion with the regular TD. When I presented my TD card, she told me she didn't need it, that she couldn't access it. That kind of information is always good to know.

I had a problem, like I don't have any Quebec ID. I couldn't find my license. And let say it, I don't want any Quebec ID. I don't like being here. Quebec is the worst province of Canada. So I told her I had invest in RRSP in Quebec with TD this year, and that she could verify my TD account if she wanted. But she told me she couldn't access to that account.

After she was done with her questions, everything went fast. And it was so quick that the girl at TD Waterhouse didn’t even present herself to me, she never told me her name. Wow.

Anyway, I don’t care, my account is now open, but I cannot access it via Internet yet. TD is too slow.

It was really easy to open a brokerage account. No appointment need, as I already had an account with TD for investments. I just need to present myself to a TD Waterhouse with 2 pieces of ID. From the date the account is creating, I had to wait 2 business days. And than, I call their IT team that have another name to combine both account – TD Waterhouse and regular TD. When I call, they also provide a password, which is a temporary password to buy and sell stocks. I only call this late Friday night, so the combination should be ready by Wednesday. I proceed with a first 4 000$. The only thing is that anywhere between the one to 1 000 shares, it cost 29$ per operation of that type. But I don't mind. I will buy and hold forever.

Once both accounts will be combined in one, I will be able to register to eService. That way, I won’t have any fees, and I will avoid the inactivation fees.

I just cannot wait for next Wednesday.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I want my overtime back

I was very use to do some overtimes at my job, as they offer overtime to everyone almost every single day since I begin there, around 4 months ago. But now, for a reason or another, they don’t aloud people to do overtime now, which very disturbed the employees I know there. A bunch of people had quitted the job, some during the training, other weeks after they begin at the job.

I am staying there only to get experience in a call center. I know call center are not being consider as good jobs, it might only be the case in India, but still, I love working in a call center because there’s always or almost always work that need to be done, as you receive calls most part of the day. I previous work at place, like in government places, and in another job in translation, which I quite because I find it terribly boring and I was tired, trying to please the stupidest people of the whole world.

I won’t say things are incredibly better now, but still, when I arrived to work, I connect and I deal with customer, not with unfriendly co-worker, at least. And at this point, I really don’t pay too much attentions to details that disturbed me, because the only thing I care really about is reaching my first 50 000$. I am no longer trying to please no one and when I am not happy with something, I almost yell. Almost.

So let say that the part-time job I am starting on Tuesday just came at the right time because I was getting ready to quite my day-time job.

I am just not happy at the workplace and I want to quite working as soon as possible. Please God.

I will probably be able to reach my first 50 000$ in the next 10 months

It's going to be crazy, but I had training on Tuesday for a job I had applied to about 2 months ago. I am going to work there in the morning. In the afternoon and evening, I keep the current job I have and in the weekend, I keep that part-time job that’s sometimes going on and off. I am going no where with those bunch of all jobs paying less than 15$ per hour, but I don’t care that much, because I plan to get an income of 800$ weekly after taxes with this, and I know there’s no way I will be able to get 800$ weekly from a job after taxes, especially here in Montreal.

I read in Canadian Business the story of a man who kind of did what I am trying to do and I find it very fun to read.

I don’t know if I am getting anxious or something, or maybe it’s because I drink too much coffee, but last night, I barely sleep, and I really wanted too, and when I wake up to go to work this morning, my back really hurt for a major part of the day.

The pain is gone and I didn’t take anything. I took a look at my taxes paper for what I wish will be the last time for this year. I plan to get my taxes done by tomorrow. Only problem is I might need to do a photocopies of the paper. I am a bit anxious because the way it’s work, you had to leave your paper there and they get it done within 10 days.

I no longer go to H&R Block as they charged me an extremely high fee, 350$ for my taxes last year. I do not recommend H&R Block, especially if you do work as a self-employed, because they charged too much. When they charged me that 350$, I had 30 000$ and something in total income.

I just hope my tax papers won’t get lost.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I finally find a part-time job

I had received a call today regarding a part-time job. I had an interview back in January, but back than it didn’t work out, since I already had an evenings jobs. The part-time begin next week. I just hope it’s an easy job, because when working full-time, with a part-time job at the same time is barely possible.

I now have to do my taxes before next week, because after that, it will make it too difficult. I just can’t wait to make it done. I find it so annoying. I just don’t know how much it will cost me this year.

I call today TD Waterhouse and it’s seem like the info I find in the Lazy Investor are still up to date because I ask a couple of questions and everything was just like it was explained in the book. And good news is no need to take an appointment, I can just present there anywhere I wanted. So I will try tomorrow for TD Waterhouse and next week will be my taxes.

I just hope it will be easy at TD and it will be done quickly and smoothly.

So for next month, I just hope to be able to make around 3 000$ after taxes, but it might be difficult to achieve.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A very occasionally part-time job

I went to my job interview today, I forget to bring a resume with me, but it’s seem like it didn’t bother, and no one ask me for a resume while I was there. Its want fine, but the job is only occasionally on weekend. Like they were open today, but are close tomorrow… I believe they pay the minimum wage, I didn’t ask. I fill out a form, and that was all. Let say my search for a steady weekend part-time job continue. And I won’t mind working a few mornings a week.

So I work from 13h to 16h, and on my way back home, I wanted to go to the Chapters to read magazines, like I usually do when I am downtown and, a few block away, I notice there was a bunch of people in front of a store….. The store was Browns, and Paris Hilton was inside! There weren’t that much people outside, but she had arrived at 15h and she was still there past 18h. Actually, I stay there for a while, I was able to see her, signing autograph. After a while, my foot where hurting, so I went to the Chapter. To sit a bit, than went back to Browns, after back to Chapters as I couldn’t stand staying there too long... And around 20h30, Paris left the store. It might be a very long day for her because outside the store, it was saying she was supposed to be there between 15h and 17h, but she only left around 20h30, and from what I heard, her mother was with her. But I didn’t see her.

I just calculate my income in date of today. I am not doing that extraordinary well, but I am doing ok. I just need more cash, and it’s not by working on Saturdays for 5 hours that I will make it happen. I need more important cash flow.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Trouble co-worker

I had a co-worker of mine who had a trouble past. She’s VIH and had a criminal record, she caught catch buying drugs. And I get very anxious when she told me she had applied to a job at CIBC. The things are that she can be very nice, but at the same time, I caught her taking very nastily in my back. I used to hang out with her a little and we did volunteer work together for a foundation regarding VIH.

So when she told me she had been approved by CIBC to get a job there, I was really anxious because I didn’t want her to get into my investments and my credit card. I didn’t want her to have access to personal information on me. So for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t doing to well, but I felt a lot more better when she told me she finally didn’t get the job at CIBC. We work together at a call center and myself, I would like to work in the call center of a major bank. For now, I am not doing the move, as I feel ok where I am right now and the salary is good with overtime, since I can do so. And I work so hard just to be able to learn only the basic tasks of the job, I won’t go now and anytime soon, unless I get fired.

My trouble co-worker continues to search for another job and she keeps sending me some jobs offer. But I won’t change of job only because she wants me to do so and that she keeps making fun of me on behind my back. During daytime, things are ok, as we receive many many calls and everyone is busy. Our breaks and lunch times are not the same, so I barely see her. She might believe I am a complete idiot because she kept asking me to do volunteer work with her. I went with her one time. After I caught her making fun of me, she asks me again. And I refused to go with her.

Another I don’t like about her is that she touches unemployment insurance while working. Of course, she caught catch, and now, she has more than 10 000$ to pay to the government. She has all the money she needs to pay off the debt, but she keeps it, because she wants to buy a car. I don’t know what exactly she was thinking when she told me that, but yeah, I am a tax payer and she doesn’t have the right to live like a queen when I am paying 350 weekly on taxes of all sort. I just hate her and I don’t understand people like her. Her father is a doctor. I don’t understand what went wrong with her.

But it’s true that Montreal is a big city and there’s all kind of people living in it.

I have an interview Saturday for a part-time job

And it was about time! If it works out, I might be able to work 6 hours on Saturday and another 6 hours on Sunday. It will help out to pay my bills. But the thing is that I will miss Paris Hilton! Paris Hilton will be in Montreal to promote her shoes....... She will be at a shop call Browns or something like that located on St-Catherines... It's too bad I am going to miss her.

I had received a call from my late part-time job, saying I could work Saturday and Sunday of next week. Which I appreciate, but at the same time, I am getting upset, since they didn't give me this Saturday and Sunday. Anyway, I am going to see how things will turn out this Saturday at the interview. It's just too annoying.

To change of topic, my mutual funds are doing great, but I still did not recover from my lost. For some I am doing really well, some other so-so.

I didn't do my taxes yet and I still didn't call TD Waterhouse. I just have too many other things to do for now. Buy I can't wait to get started.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Job job job

It's now the end of March and I did a few things that need to be done for a while, like paying my credit card debt, by just hoping I will ever again have credit card debt.

Everything is going fine at my full-time job for now. It will be my 5th month there and so far so good, I plan to stay there for a while, since I make an average of 1 000$ paycheck every 2 weeks. And that income is after deductions.

But things are not going that smoothly at my part-time job, as they cut me again from work. When I call to give my hours for next week, they told me they didn’t have work for me anymore. I work there for about 7 months last year. They had a major slow down on January, but in March, they email me, saying I could work for them during evening and weekend if I wanted. I couldn’t work during evenings because of my full-time work, but I told them I could work on Saturday and Sunday...

And now, we are the end of March, and they are telling me I won't be able to work for them anymore... I am very upset about this, as I believed I could work on weekend for the next couple of weeks for them. Anyway, let say that, once again, my search for a part-time job continue. I just need to get over this and stop working for them and go on with something else. I am willing to do anything.

I began my search last week, I applied at 2 jobs. The 2 places were interest, but one is on evenings only, witch I can’t because I already work on evening at my steady job. The second one seems to be ok for now, but the thing is I got a hard time to get in touch with the recruiter, since I only have a pager. I return the calls, try to reach him a couple of times, but I wasn’t able to reach, which is very frustrated. I just hope I will be able to reach him tomorrow morning and hope that part-time job will work out.

Getting ready.... to do my taxes

I contact Caisse Desjardins a couple of days go regarding a problem I had. I didn't receive a tax paper, for Fidelity Frontiere Nord, for the simple and good reason that, according to them, they were not in the obligation to provide one for a reason that I still don't fully understand. But the good news is that now that I have all the papers in hand to proceed with the taxes.

I wanted to do my taxes by myself, but knowing how bad I am at calculating some time, I might just give this job to a professional. I have dozens of papers: from jobs, non RRSP investments, RRSP investments, bank savings account. I also have to declare something like 3 000$ as a freelancer, etc... The only thing I had left to do is to find myself someone who will proceed for me. And I just hope it won't cost me too much.

I have this, and I still have that search for a part-time job that continues. I would like to be able to do those taxes first, and after the taxes, and after open the eServices thing at TD Waterhouse. I could actually do the application online since I already have investments with TD, but as usual, I feel completely lost and I want to make sure I enroll to the right thing, as suggest in the Lazy Investor. So I might want to try to see if I can do this in person instead. I don't have that much to do, but when you work 50 hours weekly, time go past really quickly and I find it difficult to do everything, in reasonable time.

I like the all concept of "lazy" thing because, as it shows in the cover, it's a "no-thinking strategy" and no need to think or to work hard at it, because I already work hard enough. I am just way too curious about the "share certificate". I can't wait to have my first share certificate in hands.


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